FEELINGS Daily: There’s FINALLY a Black Widow Age of Ultron Funko Pop!


Every day, I wake up and think it’s going to be a slow day and I am ALWAYS WRONG. Right so what I am feeling today? Well I’m feeling some seriously awesome fanart. An AWESOME fanmade trailer, another Taylor Swift Parody and a fab lady driven web series featuring a Golden Globe winning actress. And that’s just the beginning, so hold onto your hats fannish friends and let’s get FEELING!

Did you know that Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez is in a web series? Well she is, and it’s awesome. Written and created by Rachael Holder (and funded via Kickstarter), I Love Lucy and Bekka is the story of two best friends and roommates. The tag is “About two girls who actually get along” and that’s a pretty apt description. I don’t want to pressure you or anything but you should probably watch it, because it’s pretty great.


BAD NEWS! Harrison Ford was in a plan crash! According to The Daily Dot he’s in a stable condition but really this is just another lesson as to why celebrities should never travel in light planes. It never ends well. And yes, every single possible Star Wars joke as already been made.

Prepare your FEELS fangirls because this OFFICIAL Korra/Asami art is totally tear worthy. The piece by Brian Koniezko is for the upcoming The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender tribute exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. Find out more about the event here and then bask in the amazing that is this beautifully romantic artwork. (via The Mary Sue)


ka2Image Source: Brian Koniezko’s Tumblr

Apparently Marvel thinks the Age of Ultron Trailer didn’t give us enough FEELINGS because there is A BUNCH of behind-the-scenes footage as well. Oh well it’s not like I had things to do this weekend. Sorry little sister, you’ll have to entertain yourself, I’ve got some footage to over analyse. (via SuperHeroHype)

Whatever the fandom’s still just longing for more Hawkeye.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 5.50.34 pmImage Source: buckycurl.tumblr


Also everyone is still really upset about the whole Natasha/Bruce thing. Remember the Marvel Civil War meme? Well it’s back and it explains the mood better than I could.










cw10Image Source: frankenwhales.tumblr



The trailer for Samuel L. Jackson’s new film Big Game is bonkers! (via Flavorwire)

There’s a Live-Action Legend of Zelda Trailer and IT IS AMAZING!

In Other News:

  • Famous fan fiction turned bestseller, turned blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey has passed $500 Million at the global box office. (via Variety)
  • There are some new Star Wars figures coming to Madame Tussaud’s in London soon! (via The Daily Dot)
  • JK Rowling spent World Book Day retweeting pictures of children and animals wearing Harry Potter Costumes because she didn’t want any of us to get any work done today.
  • The #FilmHerStory movement is calling for more biopics about women. Check the hashtag because I would watch most of those movies. (via The Daily Dot)
  • Nerdiest made a Game of Thrones/Taylor Swift parody and it is exactly what you’d imagine. You can watch it here.
  • The Black Widow Age of Ultron tie-in Funko Pop! will be released in may and I couldn’t be more excited! (via The Mary Sue)

Finally let’s all appreciate petite-madame’s latest addition to the-life-of-bucky-barnes fanart Instagram account because it’s a thing of beauty.

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  1. There may have been high pitched squeals of glee when I saw the new Black Widow pop. I was kind of disappointed in the CA:TWS one, but this is pretty much what I wanted! If the glowy bits aren’t, I have a feeling I will be tracking down some glow in the dark paint.

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