The Walking Dead 7×05 Review: Go Getters

Go Getters The Walking Dead Maggie Rhee

To put it simply, this week’s Walking Dead episode “Go Getters” was another just-okay installment in the show’s seventh season.

The TWD writers are obviously trying to push the story forward, but lately it feels very much like watching Maggie run over things with a tractor in “Go Getters” – the story is moving only a few miles per hour, and while it may have a satisfying conclusion, overall it’s just not as great as everyone thinks.

Seriously, I was cool with that scene until The Talking Dead kept trying to drive home how *amazing* it was when at best it was worth a chuckle and a high-five to Maggie for her fast thinking. I mean, obviously Maggie and Sasha were the absolute best things about “Go Getters”, but them being the high points can’t rescue the episode as a whole.

Go Getters The Walking Dead EnidThe biggest issue, in my opinion, was how I couldn’t help but cringe every time Gregory showed up on screen. Yes, he’s a cringe-worthy character overall, but he was especially obnoxious in “Go Getters”, especially when he was on screen with “Toothy Savior Guy” (whose name I don’t know and am honestly too lazy to try to find right now).

That said, pretty much everything about Carl didn’t help, either. I mean, the rollerskating bit? Unnecessary and awkward, and that’s me being *nice*. So yes, at first I was frustrated with both Carl and Enid, but thankfully she pulled through in the end – I really loved her bringing the balloons for Glenn’s grave (even if she put them on the wrong one), as well as the final moment between her, Maggie, and Sasha. Like, as much as I LOVED that Richonne kiss at the beginning of “Go Getters”, I am all for more episodes featuring these three bad ass women as they take over the Hilltop (no, I don’t *know* that will happen…but I do *hope* it will).

Go Getters The Walking Dead Sasha JesusNow, to be honest, I was a bit confused about Jesus in this episode. He seemed far more sure of himself than when we first met him; to see him so cowed by Gregory was more than a little bit unexpected, at least for me. I’m glad that eventually he fought for Maggie and Sasha, and I don’t even necessarily fault him for not doing so right away…he just didn’t seem to really be in character at first. And speaking of fighting, watching him and Sasha kill the walkers who were drawn into the Hilltop was yet another awkward part of the episode. Jesus is supposed to be a great fighter and obviously Sasha can hold her own, but this scene was badly shot and edited. It could and should have been fun to watch; instead I felt off about the whole thing.

Throughout all of this, Rick has gone off scavenging and we still have no idea what Tara is up to (yeah, I’m not going to forget how annoyed I am about Tara being ignored for so long and I have my doubts about them being able to make up for that). Plus now both Carl and Jesus are stowaways in the Saviors’ trucks, on their way to see where Negan lives…and the chances of them being caught aren’t small, with the way things have been going. With three episodes still left in the first half of season seven, they still have time to fix a few things…the question is, will they?

Author: Tara Lynne

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