Gotham 1×18 Review: Everyone Has a Cobblepot


This week’s episode of Gotham “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” was thoroughly enjoyable, largely because of Jim Gordon’s willingness to use darker means to take down bad people. It also had some wonderful scenes featuring Penguin. So, let’s get to it!

I’ve been vocal about my growing disinterest in Gordon’s ‘crime-of-the-week’ storylines, and though I still wasn’t interested in what Jim had to handle this time around, I was glad to see some character development. Gotham isn’t a nice place and even the police department is corrupt. We’ve seen Jim Gordon trying to do his best to serve justice but to no avail.

Gordon did what he could to get Commissioner Loeb to do the right thing. He even got Penguin to help him and Harvey. Their investigation took them to a house where they found Loeb’s daughter, Miriam, who was also responsible for killing her mother. Seeing Miriam talk about killing little birds and making jewelry from their bones was creepy and I loved it!

However, the best part was seeing a darker side of Gordon’s personality when he used Miriam to make a mutual agreement with Loeb. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I like protagonists with darker sides. It gives them more personality. Harvey warned Gordon about the path he was on. We will definitely see Gordon come to terms with the wrong decisions he made. He will also try to make them right, but for now I’m happy that his character became more human this week.

Penguin finally got something to do other than mope around in his bar. He helped Gordon and Harvey but it was the scene he shared with Miriam’s caretakers that reminded viewers what kind of a character he really is. I would’ve felt sorry for the old couple, but in all honesty they deserved what they got.

I was expecting to see more of Baby Bruce and Alfred but their scenes were contained to a hospital. Selina came to visit Baby Bruce and I think those two are going to team-up and go after the Wayne Enterprise’s board of directors.

10501793_362779313905876_3321905798192604258_nAs for Fish, the writers didn’t waste any time in giving her a new eye after what she did to her own. Even though she sided with the Dollmaker I guess it’s safe to assume that she isn’t loyal to him. Once she figures out a way to escape the island facility (which no doubt she will) she won’t hesitate in taking the Dollmaker down. I’m not really sure if the scene where the Dollmaker gave his previous assistant the body of a woman as punishment was supposed to be scary or not because I just rolled my eyes at the whole debacle.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Gotham? Did you enjoy Penguin’s scenes? Will Nygma crack soon? Did you like a darker Gordon? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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