Gotham 2×22 Review: Transference

Bruce Wayne Gotham Season 2 finale

The finale of season two of Gotham didn’t really conclude enough stuff for me to care about it. Rather, it spent most of the time setting up plotlines for the next season.

“Transference” picked up after the events that transpired in the previous episode. The raid on Arkham Asylum was halted due to Clayface pretending to be Gordon. I think the writers wanted us to see a more comedic Gordon, but the whole thing felt stupid to me. Harvey Bullock and Alfred not being able to realize that they weren’t talking to the real Gordon only annoyed me more during Clayface’s scenes. It wasn’t until Barbara came to the GCPD to meet Gordon that she was able to spot the fake.

Speaking of Barbara, it is obvious she’s back to being crazy. Someone needs to take away Dr. Hugo Strange’s degree because none of his methods seem to work on his patients. Barbara now has a place next to Penguin, but I’m not sure how that’ll play out in the long run. With Fish Mooney coming back, Penguin’s position will be threatened and another war might take place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara decides to leave Penguin and side with the man or woman who has a better chance at winning.

Nothing exciting happened in “Transference” that would prompt me to talk about it. Like I said, the writers felt more focused on setting things up for the third season rather than dealing with what was occurring in the current episode.

The way Baby Bruce and Gordon got to know about a secret council controlling Gotham felt dumb. In order to find out if the protagonists knew anything about the Court of Owls, both Nygma and Strange ended up telling them about it themselves. The whole thing just didn’t make any sense to me and felt like an excuse in order to give Baby Bruce something to do next season.

All of Dr. Strange’s experiments are now loose in Gotham with one of them looking like an exact copy of Baby Bruce but with longer hair. Does that mean he’ll end up working for the Court of Owls and become Talon? There are also other villains we’ll be seeing.

I want finales to feel like a conclusion of a season they’re a part of as well as an episode that makes viewers look forward to the continuation of a TV show. However, the finale of Gotham’s season two was just an excuse to excite viewers for what is to come when the show returns later this year.

What did you think of Gotham season two finale? Did you enjoy “Transference”? Will you be coming back to watch the third season? Let us know!

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