Gravity-Defying 3D Platformer “Sephonie” Gets Console Release This July!

Sephonie video game
Sephonie (Image: PR)

Publisher Ratalaika Games and award-winning developer Analgesic Productions have announced that they will be releasing the gravity-defying 3D platformer Sephonie on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch come July 21, 2023.

Analgesic Productions have received a lot of acclaim via award-nominated gaming titles including Anodyne (2013), Even the Ocean (2016), and Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (2019). Sephonie is supposed to be no different when it comes to delivering stunning graphics, well-written narratives, and engaging game mechanics. 

In Sephonie you will get to play as three East Asian scientists, Amy, Ing-wen, and Riyou. Each character is supposed to have a distinctive personality. Players will get to learn about the accompanying stories and cultural references as they guide the characters through caverns via, what is being described as, gravity-defying moves. The narrative features ecological themes and Asian history.

You will begin on the island surface and then move into a variety of locations including red, sandstone caverns, and a jade-colored cavern of towering trees. Of course, you will get to meet a bunch of wondrous creatures who will grant your character new platforming abilities.

There are supposed to be 30 creatures in the game. However, I don’t know if every creature will grant you some kind of ability or not.

There’s also something called “Mindshares” which are supposed to be short, visual novel-esque segments to help you learn more about the lives of the three leads.

What’s interesting to me is that as the game progresses, the levels encountered start mimicking places from the characters’ lives. So, you will get to see a Tokyo cityscape, Japanese shopping malls, and American Midwest suburbs.

As for the various abilities, you can use the Teledash Vault to fling yourself over high ledges. The long-tongued Ribbats will help you grapple through the air. And you can use Dandelion Puffs to glide.

Apparently, every rock is supposed to be climbable.

Here’s the trailer!

Judging from the promo material, I really like the visuals. The game also seems to run quite smoothly as you make your character jump, run, and glide through the locations.

The game was originally released on PC/Steam back in April 2022 and saw very positive ratings with many reviewers stating how it brought something new to the platformer genre. So, I hope the upcoming console release receives a warm welcome, too.

As for Analgesic Productions, it was established in 2012 and focuses on single-player, narrative-heavy adventure games. The team wants to bring some new twists to traditional gameplay.

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Are you looking forward to playing Sephonie?

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