Hannibal 2×02 Review: Sakizuki

1922202_760494050629485_1123110915_nIf this season is going to end with the confrontation between Hannibal and Jack, then last night’s episode provided the first threads of doubt against our favorite villain.  It’s subtle and I’m really looking forward to seeing this slow unveiling develop throughout season two.  Without further ado, let’s jump into my thoughts on “Sakizuki”.

1509672_760494060629484_858279306_nColor me shocked at the beginning of the episode when Will broke down and asked for Hannibal’s help again, but I should have known it was all just a ploy.  I’m not sure what Will’s game is with bringing Hannibal back into his confidences.  As we all know,and Will is slowly learning, Hannibal has a fantastic poker face and very few people are able to pierce the veil to see beyond the persona Hannibal presents to the world.  Perhaps Will is hoping that re-exposing himself to Hannibal with a clear mind will jog something loose in his memories?  We saw last week what Will recovered from his session with Alana, which provided Will with the proof he needed for himself that his suspicions that Hannibal isn’t who everyone thinks he is aren’t completely unfounded.  And in this week’s episode, the horned Hannibal reappeared in Will’s mind as he analyzed the crime scene photos of the human color wheel.  The first thread of doubt was planted with Katz when Will asked her to forget about all the evidence against him.  Of the Sassy Science trio, she is by far my favorite and I’m glad they brought her in to provide that first question of “what if?” in the case against Will.  Alana has been fighting for Will since the beginning, but he needs someone from that team that he worked on cases with to back him up in his defense.  Given the careful planning and slow breakdown of Will’s mind in season one, I don’t think we will be seeing Will as a free man anytime soon.  Will the exposure of Hannibal’s true nature by the end of this season be the thing that exonerates him?  If that’s the case, I’m interested to see how long they drag out Will’s trail and what the end result will be.

1902794_760494053962818_85167458_nOn Hannibal’s side of the spectrum, he has taken Will’s place on the team.  While they view these crimes as horrific and gruesome, Hannibal approaches them as one would a priceless painting in a museum: as works of art.  We could see his admiration when he tracked down the human color wheel.  His talk with the architect reminded me of Dexter’s chats with his victims, but this one had more of a feeling of two professionals in similar fields comparing techniques.  I’m wondering if his collecting of trophies in the form of his victims’ body parts will be the thread that connects him when his downfall comes.  He’s very good about cleaning up after himself and not leaving anything behind, but he has to trip up somewhere.  On a more personal note, his psychiatrist Dr. Du Maurier ended their doctor/patient relationship, stating that Hannibal felt “dangerous” to her.  She pierced that veil I mentioned earlier and, as any sane person would, didn’t like what she saw.  I believe she’s always known that there was something not quite right about Hannibal, as evidence of Hannibal mentioning her trying to end their relationship before, but it wasn’t until Hannibal’s introduction to Will that perhaps she felt truly threatened.  I must confess being very disappointed when she left at the end, but I can’t help but hope that we will see her again soon.  She provided the second thread of doubt when she visited Will and whispered, “I believe you.”  I really hope that will come into play later and that we see Du Maurier return because Gillian Anderson has done a great job.  I wasn’t surprised when Hannibal appeared at her home at the end of the episode.  What part of her would he have collected as a souvenir, I wonder?  And will he try to track her down, given what she knows about him and her catching that glimpse of who he truly is?

1781974_760494063962817_420873754_nBefore I end this review, I want to take a moment to thank Bryan Fuller for giving us such amazing female characters on this show!  At the beginning, I questioned changing the gender of Bloom, but by the end of the first season, I was completely in love with her.  I’m sure everyone has seen that fantastic quote on Tumblr, “Screw writing ‘strong’ women.  Write interesting women.”  To me, it seems like Fuller has taken that to heart because I love the women he has given us on this show: Alana, Katz, Freddie Lounds (when is she coming?!  I can’t stand that character, but I can’t help but miss her), and Du Marier.  They stand on their own in the boys’ club as total badasses while still showing warmth, humor, cunning, or reserve.  I’m not saying this show is perfect in its representation, but what they’ve done so far is still worthy of praise.  So thank you, Mr. Fuller, and keep up the great work!

Next week’s episode shows the trial for Will beginning.  We know the FBI wants to bury this embarrassment fast, so I’m curious about what kind of defense Will intends to build for himself.  I’m curious about the shot of Hannibal taking the stand.  Will he be there for the FBI or Will?  By Alana’s reaction, I’m assuming for Will, which begs the question as to what Hannibal’s end game has been all along.  What was the point of building Will up to be arrested only later to come to his defense?  Has all this been a way to cement a friendship with Will, Hannibal feeling that they are kindred spirits?  I am burning with curiosity, but Hannibal certainly isn’t telling.

What were your thoughts on last night’s episode?  What do you believe Hannibal’s motivations are concerning Will?  What do you think Will is hoping to learn by continuing his talks with Hannibal?  Whatever your thoughts are, comment below and thank you for reading!

Author: Sarah Sue


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