Indie Strategy Game “TimeMelters” Lets You Rewind Time to Defeat Enemies

Timemelters indie game
TimeMelters (Image: PR/Autoexec Games)

Set in a fictional world full of magic and monsters, TimeMelters is a strategic indie game that lets players rewind time multiple times to defeat hordes of enemies and complete a variety of quests.

I’m always on the lookout for indie games that bring something interesting to the table. So, there’s a very good reason TimeMelters caught my eye. Judging from the promotional material I have gone through, the gameplay mechanic is one of the most unique things I have seen.

This game doesn’t just let you rewind time to take you back a few seconds to fix mistakes, avoid death, or polish certain strategies. No, the concept of rewinding the clock in TimeMelters feels a bit more “scientific” in the sense that your past selves end up repeating certain movements to help you accomplish a quest’s objective. And, from what I could understand, if you don’t plan properly, you could experience some kind of time distortion. You should consider watching the trailer to get a better idea of what I mean.

The premise deals with a woman named Teagan being condemned to the flames due to whispers of witchcraft. However, an unlikely ally rescues Teagen and she finds herself armed with magical powers and the thirst for justice. The narrative will have Teagan embark on an adventure to protect the city that wanted to end her life. The story is supposed to have a whole lot of twists and turns as you move toward major revelations about a dark era where any association with witchcraft was punishable by death.

The spells and skills at Teagan’s disposal allow her to create copies of herself as she rewinds time to create a bunch of interconnected timelines. Not only that, but she can also manipulate certain environmental assets (such as trees) to turn the tide of battle. The gameplay focuses on taking your time to think about your moves across the timelines to ensure your “current” Teagon and her “past” copies get the desired result.

The missions include your usual enemy attack sessions, puzzle-solving, survival stages, and escort missions. There’s supposed to be more than 15 hours of gameplay across 40 unique challenges.

Here’s the trailer!

I do like the cartoonish visuals. Along with having the ability to turn back time, Teagan can also use a variety of spells for attack or defensive purposes. She can also shapeshift. The game mechanic also uses an interesting mana system connected to souls.

Developed and published by Autoexec Games, there’s just so much going on with the game mechanic. The title has received a bunch of awards and positive reviews. So, kudos to the dev team for featuring a unique multiple timeline-centric mechanic that utilizes the ability to rewind time while offering a seamless experience to players.

The game offers single-player mode, two-player co-op, as well as a Speedrun mode. When playing in two-player co-op mode, the second player will control Teagan’s brother Erwin. Take note; this title has a Friend Pass feature that allows two players to experience the game without needing to buy another copy.

TimeMelters is currently available on Steam Early Access. As of writing this post, the title has a 20% discount going on, allowing you to buy it for only $6.55 USD instead of the usual $8.19 USD.

You can learn more about the game by joining the official Discord channel.

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