Gotham 3×3 Review: Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes Episode 3 Gotham Season 3

I wasn’t expecting ‘Look Into My Eyes’ to be this enjoyable. Gotham did a wonderful job with introducing Mad Hatter to the city.

Way back in season 2 of Gotham we were shown that Dr. Strange was taking inspiration from Lewis Carroll when naming a few unknown inmates at Indian Hill. That’s why I thought that the Mad Hatter was going to be an escaped inmate as well. But turns out he wasn’t and came to Gotham to find his sister, Alice, who was one of Dr. Strange’s subjects.

The Mad Hatter’s powers didn’t have to do with scientifically-induced mutation. He used his expert hypnotism skills to get what he wanted. He even used his skills on Barbara. I was expecting her to be so crazy that hypnotism didn’t work on her but unfortunately it did.

The show needs to give Barbara something more to do. She isn’t adding anything to the plot right now. The same goes for Tabitha. Also, Jim needs to come up with better plans before agreeing to face dangerous criminals. He was almost killed (again!) this week.

‘Look Into My Eyes’ also spent a lot of time on Baby Bruce. Our young hero was too trusting of his long-haired clone, Five, and it was obvious the whole thing is going to get him into trouble soon.

I liked how Selina instantly felt that something was wrong when Five pretended to be the real Bruce Wayne. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to completely fool her with his act but I do hope that Selina plays along in order to thwart his plans in the end.

Some interesting seeds were planted in ‘Look Into My Eyes’. Penguin running for mayor makes sense for the character, however, Fish Mooney might not like it. Those two will cross paths again and it won’t be pretty. Penguin also added Nygma to his team and I can’t wait to see the things those two come up with!

Something that didn’t make sense to me was how Lee was okay with her fiancé being Carmine Falcone’s son. I don’t care how good Falcone’s son is, this is Gotham and he’ll do something crazy eventually.

And when are we going to talk about Lee and James’ child? A pregnant Lee left Gotham back in Season 2, but now she is back. So, did she have the child? Did the baby die? Why isn’t anyone talking about it? It just felt very odd to me. It was if the writers were deliberately trying not to mention the subject and their hesitation was glaringly obvious.

What did you think of ‘Look Into My Eyes’? Are you enjoying Gotham Season 3? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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