Steven Universe Minisodes Review

steven universe minisodes crystal gems singing

Steven Universe may have disappeared from our screens for the time being, but that doesn’t mean the creators aren’t producing anything to tide us over. Over on iTunes five new Steven Universe Minisodes have dropped, giving us a glance into the lives of our favorite Gems when they aren’t busy protecting humanity.

Below are opinions on each of the shorts; if you haven’t seen them yet, beware, for spoilers abound. Adorable, adorable spoilers.

Cooking With Lion

steven universe minisodes lion sushiIn the last batch of shorts, from way over a year ago, we got see Steven’s take on an Unboxing Video. Since then, it seems that he’s expanded to cooking tutorials. It turns out that lions, magical or not, are terrible chefs. While Steven’s take on sushi (cheetos and mayonnaise whyyyyy) leaves me gagging, I really can’t help but wish the rest of his channel really existed, just so I can see how he makes Cookie Cats.

Gem Karaoke

steven universe minisodes gem karaoke groupMusic has always, always been at the core of Steven Universe, so perhaps a scene like this was inevitable. It was pure, total, unadulterated fluff, and I could not be happier. Steven strutting his stuff to ‘Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)’ again. Amethyst’s butt wiggling thoroughly flustering Pearl. Garnet busting out her singing chops. Pearl hamming it up as always. And of course, Connie Maheswaran, who always acts so shy and quiet, going full throttle. We finally got these five characters singing a song together and it was glorious.

Steven Reacts

steven universe minisodes crying breakfast friendsThe show’s creative team are a group of total, utter nerds, and they put that nerdiness to the use of reaching peak meta. I’ll admit: I love reaction videos. They’re silly and cheesy but I can’t help it, and it warms my heart to know that Steven indulges in them completely. Crying Breakfast Friends has been used to parallel the show for ages now, and the writers really turned it up a notch. Emotional catharsis! Proven theories! Fusion! Now seriously, when are we getting the next episode. When?!?!?

Video Chat

steven universe minisodes lapis peridot stevenThis is possibly my favorite of the entire collection. Steven introduces to Peridot to the wonders of video chatting, while Peridot regales him with the story of how she got wifi at the barn. (We shall forever contemplate the mystery of what exactly ended up chasing her). Everything goes south when Lapis discovers what’s going on, and since she’s had some… ahem, experience, with recording devices, responds by trying to save her beloved friend by trying to obliterate Peri’s tablet. Thankfully Steven warps there in time to stop her, but one can only wonder what state Connie’s computer is in.

Steven’s Song Time

Steven makes a video to show off his new song and teach us viewers how to play it! Aww, that sounds so cute and sweet. And well, yes, it is, but let’s remember all the stuff our boy’s been dealing with lately, and imagine what happens when he expresses those emotions through music. Yeah. He is most certainly right: the magical destiny thing has kicked him in the butt. But he’s a wonderful kid, he’s got incredibly supportive friends and family, and together, they’re going to get through this.

Rock on, Steven.

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