Marvel Future Fight Update 2.1.0 Review: Let the Civil War Begin

Marvel Future Fight Update 2.1.0 Civil War

Marvel Future Fight recently received a 2.1.0 update, and the fact that players can now participate in the Civil War has given the already enjoyable game some very entertaining content.

The first thing you’re going to notice in the Marvel Future Fight 2.1.0 update is the choice you’ll have to make. Players will have to decide if they’re going to be part of Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. I chose Team Captain America and after making my decision I was able to collect Faction Points whenever I completed each mission. There’s also a progress bar on the main page of the game which tells which faction is currently in the lead.

Due to the 2.1.0 update being based on Civil War, characters such as Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Winter Soldier have been given new uniforms. Falcon has also been given a 6-star skill. I’m not much of a Falcon fan but his new power does look impressive.

The World Boss Mission has also been updated. You can now try and defeat Thanos, Super Giant, and Ebony Maw in order to recruit them. I went through all of their skills and found Super Giant to be an enjoyable character to play with. Crossbones is another character that’s available for recruitment. You can collect his Biometrics by playing the 1 Year Anniversary Event Mission. There are three stages in the event and all three are fairly easy to complete if you have two characters that are at level 60 and are 6-star ranked.

There’s also a Journey to Growth mission for players who want their characters to reach 6-star ranking by completing small in-game tasks. I would recommend completing these tasks because the rewards offered will help make your team a lot stronger than before.

The Timeline Battle system has also been changed again. Now players are placed in different leagues depending on their performance. As you keep playing you’ll either be demoted or promoted through the leagues and receive rewards depending on the level of the league you’re placed in.

Coming to other gameplay changes, if you have a character that is level 60, full mastery, and is 6-stars in ranking with complete +20 gears, you’ll be able to advance them to Tier-2. I haven’t been able to advance any of my characters yet because the resources required to do so are too much. Advancing your character to Tier-2 will also give them new passive skills along with a serious boost to their stats.

I found the Marvel Future Fight 2.1.0 update to be very enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what new content Netmarble has in store for Team Iron Man.

Have you played Marvel Future Fight yet? What did you think of the Civil War update? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Future Fight Update 2.1.0 Review: Let the Civil War Begin

  1. I still havent been able to Advance any of my Characters, the closest one is Iron Man but hes still LVL 50…
    what are the benefits of advancing him to Tier 2? just more stats?

    1. Yup…only a major boost to the stats. I haven’t bothered with it that much.

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