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Megalopolis City of Collectibles Feature Interview

As someone who collects a lot of geeky stuff, one of the things I dread is ordering something online and having it delivered in the worst condition possible. However, with Megalopolis, you don’t have to worry about ruined boxes at all, and you will find yourself feeling excited the moment a package arrives! All hail the Toy Overlord!

I was provided a free sample box from Megalopolis for review. The opinions are my own. 

After experiencing what Megalopolis – City of Collectibles has to offer, I have to say it needs to become your go-to destination for any collectibles you might be looking for. The business promises amazing packaging and it sure delivers. On top of that, there is also a Mega Rewards Loyalty Program, which you can use to redeem points for some more awesome swag.

Browsing the website is easy. You can quickly get to know about new arrivals, popular items, available pre-orders, and more.

There is an environment of fun surrounding Megalopolis due to the Toy Overlord who serves as the mascot. You can see him on the company logo and imagery. I love the description of his personality:

The Toy Overlord is, foremost, the mascot of Megalopolis. He adorns the company logo and imagery. He sees himself as far more, however, and his far-reaching aims include complete control of the City of Collectibles, widespread celebrity, and to be loved by all. He would be a supervillain, but he lacks the wherewithal to actually carry out any of his evil schemes.

He’s also completely insecure, unsure of himself, and never able to settle on any single personality. More than anything, the Toy Overlord is…narcissistic. All his deeds stem from a need to be loved. He does plenty of good for customers though, as a result. The Mega Rewards Loyalty Program is his creation, and each iteration of the newsletter, which is loaded with deals and value, is penned by him.

As mentioned, the shipping is what helps really set Megalopolis apart from the rest. By offering white glove shipping, you get your orders in custom branded packaging. The moment you see the Megalopolis custom box on your doorstep you can’t help but feel excited! Also, everything is packed with great detail. You will see purple bubble wrap, branded tissue paper, and packing peanuts. Customers can also get a free Toy Overlord Squishy, a Toy Overlord Mini-figure, and a Megalopolis sticker to make each order feel special.

Take it from someone who has ordered stuff from Amazon, Hot Topic, and more, you don’t get to see this level of packaging anywhere. For in-box collectors, this is amazing! Check out the unboxing video of the sample they sent me!

Megalopolis Overlord Sticker
Megalopolis Sticker
Toy Overlord Squishy Megalopolis
Toy Overlord Squishy
Toy Overlord Minifigure Megalopolis
Toy Overlord mini figure
Megalopolis Toy Overlord
Toy Overlord mini figure – package’s back

My review of the Marvel Legends X-Men Storm figure:

My review of the NECA Alien: Covenant – Neomorph figure:

Storm vs Neomorph Megalopolis
Storm v Neomorph

I also got a chance to interview Ben and Matt Westover, the founders of Megalopolis.

What inspired you to launch Megalopolis?

We are lifelong collectors and fans ourselves and had a long experience working in the industry before launching Megalopolis. We basically had just grown frustrated by what was out there for collectors like us and decided it was time to create the brand we wish existed and knew others wanted as well. That’s what we have done with Megalopolis, and we continue to add more to make this the ultimate collector destination and experience!

For collectors, how does Megalopolis differ from other stores such as Hot Topic, FYE, etc.?

Megalopolis is 100% focused on creating a shared culture and providing the best selection and service for collectors. We live the hobby every day and have our finger on the pulse of pop culture and what is going on in the collector community so that we can create a common experience beyond just buying toys. Because our focus is solely on toys and collectibles, we are able to offer a selection of products and services that are far beyond what can be offered in a small toy section.

Where do you see Megalopolis in the next couple of years?

Megalopolis is going to continue to grow and expand in exciting new directions. We have only just begun. There are so many amazing developments in the works… from technology, to products, to content. Megalopolis has no real ceiling.

Where did the idea of having the Toy Overlord come from?

He started out very simple–as just the character in our logo–but as we fleshed out the brand concept, we realized what a fun spokesperson and fully realized character he could be. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and wanted to create a character that takes the same tact. The Toy Overlord became the mouthpiece for relaying pretty much everything that makes us laugh at the office every day to our customers. He has taken on a life of his own and is just the coolest character.

What inspired you to have a Mega Rewards Loyalty Program?

There has always been a weird dynamic with collectibles retailers where they have this attitude of, “we have it, where else are you gonna find it?!” It’s almost confrontational. We value all of the citizens of Megalopolis and want them to get the service they deserve. The rewards program is one big way we can say thank you to everyone who supports us. Consumers deserve to be valued and rewarded for supporting a company, and in this hobby, they haven’t been. We’ve changed that dynamic.

The Megalopolis packaging sounds very unique. You even add bonuses for customers? Tell us a bit about that.

Every collector can tell you there is nothing more disappointing than taking delivery on your item after you’ve patiently been waiting, only to have it arrive in some nondescript brown box that has been beaten up, with your item inside packaged poorly and damaged, or with an inventory tag slapped on it, etc. These are premium collectibles that are important to us as collectors, and they should arrive with a presentation to match our sensibilities!

All of our boxes are designed to keep items safe. They also are printed with our custom graphics so you know when something amazing from Megalopolis hits your doorstep! We wrap every item in our signature purple bubble wrap and branded tissue paper, and we use packing peanuts as well so your items arrive as safely as humanly possible. We also pack in stickers, a Toy Overlord squishy figure, and with select orders, other premium items as well. Right now, purchases over $100 come with a carded Toy Overlord mini-figure from our friends at Citizen Brick.

If someone can’t find a collectible item on the website or the physical outlet, can they leave a request for you to get it for them?

Absolutely! We try to stock everything people are after, but if there’s something we miss or that goes out of stock, we are always glad to help track it down for our collectors. We also love hearing feedback about collectibles they’d like to see us offer. Some of our favorite lines we carry have come from customer feedback!

What franchises/characters are your favorites? What really gets you to geek out?

There’s so many! We absolutely love this stuff! If we really have to pick one though, it’s always our first love. For Ben, it’s Masters of the Universe. For Matt, it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Everyone on the team has their own favorites though, from Spider-man to Pikachu!

You have seen the videos I have shared. You have seen the pictures. If you are someone who doesn’t want your orders being ruined during shipping, take my word and check Megalopolis out.

Megalopolis‘ product portfolio includes a mix of their own proprietary collectibles, as well as figures and generally first to market collectibles and niche action figure brands from top manufacturers, import, specialty, art toys, and other rare goods that aren’t widely available. You are bound to find something you want. Also, it WILL come safe and sound right to your doorstep.

So, go ahead and visit the official website to see what the Toy Overlord can do for you.

Have you shopped from Megalopolis before? Was your experience as great as mine? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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