Playmates Toys “Voltron Metal Defender” Collection – Green Lion Review

Playmates Toys Voltron Metal Defender Green Lion review

Playmates Toys has whole new collection for Voltron fans to enjoy. The ‘Voltron Metal Defender’ lions feature die-cast metal and connect together to form an 8-inch tall Voltron figure. Here’s my review of the Metal Defender Green Lion.

Playmates Toys sent me the Metal Defender Green Lion for review. The opinions are my own.

The packaging shows the Voltron Metal Defender Green Lion in all its glory. It also comes with a shield. On the top left corner, you get a little image showing that this lion becomes Voltron’s left arm. The back of the package shows all of the lions in the collection and the Voltron figure they make.

Once you unpack the Green Lion you’ll notice that the die-cast metal is only in the rib cage area. The rest of the figure is made of plastic. While I would have preferred the entire figure to be die-cast, I understand that having more die-cast metal would have decreased the figure’s articulation.

The figure itself is sturdy enough. It doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. The Green Lion remains stable when placed on a flat surface. The shield can be fixed on its back.

The Metal Defender Green Lion’s articulation includes:

  • The jaw opens and snaps shut.
  • Its neck swivels 360 degrees.
  • Each shoulder allows for almost 180 degree rotation.
  • There are two hinges in the front legs.
  • The waist of the lion swivels and has a hinge too.
  • The hips can be rotated nearly 180 degrees.
  • Both rear legs have three hinges.
  • The tail is rubbery and flexible.

Playmates Toys Voltron Metal Defender review

The articulation enables you to convert the Metal Defender Green Lion into Voltron’s left arm. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Take off the shield if you have it attached to the lion.
  • Push in the tail of the lion.
  • Fold up the rear legs.
  • Rotate the hips so that the thigh is aligned with the body.
  • You need to flip out the connector peg that is present under the lion.
  • Open the hatch on the back.
  • Rotate the shoulder and then make the front legs face upward.
  • Fold the legs so that they are underneath the hatch.
  • Close the hatch.
  • The shield is to be attached using the hole near the rear.

For a figure with an MSRP of $14.99, the value is there. All of the lions in the Voltron Metal Defender Collection will cost you $14.99 each. Make sure to check out the entire collection. You can also own the pilots.

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Have you bought the Voltron Metal Defender Collection yet? Let us know.

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