One of the Last Ever Trailers for Attack on Titan Has Hit the Internet

Attack on Titan, the iconic anime series inspired by the global hit manga, is finally coming to an end. Like, for real this time. Today at Anime Expo during the MAPPA x Crunchyroll panel, Crunchyroll dropped the first teaser trailer for Attack on Titan Final Season The Final Chapters Special 2, which airs sometime this fall.

At this point, it sounds like the final version of a document you’ve saved 18 times, but Attack on Titan Final Season The Final Chapters Special 2 is at long last the conclusion of the insanely popular anime series. Many never thought they’d live to see this day. After all, it’s been 86 years, and it honestly seems like the final season has been going on for 84 of those. (No, really – the “final” season started airing in 2020. That’s a lifetime ago.)

Some of us have managed to remain largely unspoiled for the ending of this series, considering the manga ended in 2021, but I know that creator Hajime Isayama allegedly apologized for the ending at his Anime NYC panel in 2022, so I’m not expecting sunshine and roses. I’ve been reviewing this series since season 2, and while I have no idea what to expect, I’ve been predicting an unhappy conclusion for years. Bittersweet is probably the best that we can hope for. If even half our mains survive, I’ll be shocked.

The first special, “The Rumbling” and “Sinners”, which aired back in March, focused on the Rumbling finally making landfall and the absolute devastation that Eren brought in its wake. It also showed the group and everything they went through to catch up to Eren in the first place. “Sinners” ended with the group launching their attack.

The trailer, therefore, centers around the group. Narrated by Armin, we are given brief glimpses of what remains of the intrepid band of Eldians trying to stop a global genocide. Mostly it’s a lot of closeups of their faces or their eyes – Levi still bandaged and bleeding, Connie looking defeated, Jean the only thing preventing Reiner from falling to his doom. Notably, we see Annie in her Titan form – despite having left her behind and the end of the first special. But the biggest revelation of the trailer is definitely the fact that it looks like Mikasa has wings?!?!?! WINGS?!?!?! (Nobody explain it to me, I want to be surprised.)

I’m trying to delve into discussion groups to see what I missed, but I’m sure you know that’s basically walking through a spoiler minefield, so it’s not going so well. I saw that apparently Bertolt is back, and I think that’s him crying at :22, because I can’t think of who else it could be.

We still don’t have a definitive air date, just “later this fall”, so it’s anyone’s guess when this will finally premiere and put us out of our misery. “Fall” technically goes into December. I hope they don’t make us wait this long but look at how long we’ve already waited. But you can better believe that I’m clearing my schedule as soon as it’s announced, because I’ve been waiting years for this and I have to see how it ends before I get spoiled by the internet.

Author: Jamie Sugah

Jamie has a BA in English with a focus in creative writing from The Ohio State University. She self-published her first novel, The Perils of Long Hair on a Windy Day, which is available through Amazon. She is currently an archivist and lives in New York City with her demon ninja vampire cat. She covers television, books, movies, anime, and conventions in the NYC area.

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