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  • San Diego Comic Con: “Teen Wolf” Panel Highlights

    For those of you who couldn’t make it to San Diego this year, we’ve got the scoop from the Teen Wolf panel right here! The Geekiary live-tweeted the panel, which took place at 3:30pm Pacific, so look no further for the details than right here! Also, these photos were taken live at the event so please […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×5 Review: I.E.D.

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf: “I.E.D.”, had a lot of revelations; however, not all of them were as surprising as I think the writers wanted them to be. Meredith, made an appearance, and Lydia found the second part of the dead pool list. I’ve missed the awkward Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) this season, the one […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×3 Review: Muted

    When they said Teen Wolf would be going back to its season one roots I should have guessed they meant literally. It’s not like this show has ever been particularly subtle, bless its heart. Seriously though, it’s Season 1: take two. Scott and Stiles suck at lacrosse, Derek and Peter are searching for Kate Argent […]

  • “Teen Wolf” Returns to SDCC with Themed Booth

    San Diego Comic-Con has always been an exciting time for Teen Wolf fans, but this year they will have something more to look forward to! For the first time in its soon-to-be five years at SDCC, Teen Wolf will have its very own themed booth on the convention center floor! According to a press release […]

  • Teen Wolf Season 4 Trailer: Who Is The Benefactor?

    Most fandoms are simply given trailers, but not the Teen Wolf fandom we have to earn it. At least they did this time. And boy did we have to work hard for it. After dropping the last two Season 4 teasers without a word it was surprising when the Official Teen Wolf Twitter on Friday […]

  • Teen Wolf Season 4 Masterpost

    Season 3B Masterpost News Fan Favorite Danny might not be in Teen Wolf Season 4! Daniel Sharman Leaving Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Season 4 Trailer: Can’t Go Back Teen Wolf Season 4: 30 Second Teaser Meagan Tandy to Appear in 9 Episodes of Season 4 Analysis & Meta Not just Posey, the Whole Cast Thinks […]

  • Teen Wolf Season 4: 30 Second Teaser

    Somewhere in the world the Teen Wolf PR team are laughing their asses off watching people like me scramble to document what’s going down because they just keep dropping teasers for Season 4 out of nowhere. Then again, I was kind of sick of the hoopla by the time Season 3B started so it’s kind […]

  • Breaking Down BiteCon

    For those of you playing at home while fans attend a convention it can be hard to keep up with what’s been said. And even if you do find some quotes, it’s difficult to understand the context in which things are said, which can alter the meaning completely. So here’s a breakdown of all the […]

  • Stiles Stilinski’s sexuality: Is Bisexuality a Dirty Word?

    It happened again, someone said something that upset the Teen Wolf fandom. This is hardly shocking since mainstream media websites seemed to have decided that the more you piss off fandom the more hits you’re going to get. Dylan O’Brien might have sunk Sterek for good – it depends on who you ask – but […]