Power Rangers Getting Another Movie Reboot! Can We Just Not?

Power Rangers Reboot 2017
Power Rangers Reboot 2017 (Image: Screengrab)

Another Power Rangers movie reboot is reportedly in the works, and I’m like, can we just stop trying to create a movie franchise that no one really wants? Don’t get me wrong. I love Power Rangers. But some things work better on TV screens.

Power Rangers is one of the longest-running series, having been on TV for more than two decades. The first-ever Power Rangers film was released back in 1995. It was followed by a sequel in 1997 that flopped. Both films featured cast members from the PR series that was airing on TV at that time.

Then, in 2017, we got a reboot with a cast that had nothing to do with the TV series. The film introduced us to new versions of Kimberly Hart, Billy, and more. It ended up (to no big surprise) underperforming at the box office. Plans for a sequel were dropped. But now, it seems Paramount Pictures is ready to give the world another reboot.

I get that Power Rangers is a huge IP (spanning action figures, games, and more). But when the audience has rejected feature films (basically, three times), maybe it’s a clear indication they don’t want PR to hit the big screen? Maybe there’s nothing wrong with PR continuing to be successful on TV?

According to reports, the script for the reboot is being written by Patrick Burleigh (Peter Rabbit 2). The premise has the Rangers going back in time to the 1990s and then try to get back to their present timeline.

It hasn’t been revealed if the new Rangers will be a different iteration of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Team, or if the new Rangers will meet the MMPR when they go back in time.

Negotiations are ongoing to get Jonathan Entwistle to direct the reboot. For those who might not know, Entwistle is the showrunner for The End of the F**king World. That particular series is quite mature. Paramount thinks Entwistle “has a grasp on the voice of the younger generation,” and can bring “something unique and appealing” to the PR movie.

There’s no release date for the reboot. And yes, the time-traveling premise might change, too.

In my opinion, I would rather the studio leave this specific IP alone as far as jumping to the big screen is concerned. Studios have tried three times only to failure. Why continue to tarnish the IP’s name in such a manner?

As a Power Rangers fan, I think I’m correct when I say that the fandom would like to see some of the current comic book storylines be animated.

The Shattered Grid arc from the Power Rangers comic books (by BOOM! Studios) continues to be loved by the fandom. Why don’t TPTB work together and give us an animated adaptation of the entire arc on Netflix or some other streaming service? I know many in the fandom will appreciate such a move.

Even though I love Power Rangers, I know that it isn’t a well-written show and can come across as campy (and even cringey) during some moments. But you know what? That’s what makes it so endearing to many around the world.

And, in a sense, I don’t see the over-the-top dramatic charm of Power Rangers working well for the big screen. I think that the 2017 reboot lost the heart of the franchise because it tried to take some stuff way too seriously while doubling down on certain poorly-written comedic gags.

But having said that, studios will continue to try and revive old IPs as film franchises due to the continuing trend of blockbuster superhero movies. I guess it’s inevitable for Power Rangers to get yet another reboot (and very likely, fail again).

Anyway, let’s see what happens. Also, if a reboot is in the works, I would like the Pink Ranger to be a dude this time around. A man being the Pink Power Ranger is canon and it’s high time for that to be shown in the movies and even in the main American PR series.

Max Landis’ rejected Power Rangers movie script also had a male Pink Power Ranger.

And this might come across as harsh, but if you feel strongly against a male Pink Ranger, maybe you have a problem? Perhaps a likely sexist and homophobic soul? But that’s a whole other topic. 

Are you willing to watch another Power Rangers reboot? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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3 thoughts on “Power Rangers Getting Another Movie Reboot! Can We Just Not?

  1. Seriously just stick to the TV medium. That seems to serve the franchise best. That and the comics.

    1. Yup! Paramount and Hasbro need to work with Netflix to give us anime adaptations of Power Rangers. The Shattered Grid arc is right there. Animate it! Trying to make Power Rangers an actual movie franchise just isn’t the best course of action to take with such an IP.

  2. Not gonna lie. I’ve been anti Power Rangers and pro Super Sentai since Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (what became Power Rangers Super Mega Force). It’s not just that the translations feel like they’re butchering the original ideas of the source material, but also that they have a weird thing going on where they’re campy, but they don’t want to embrace the campyness.

    Like, In some ways I feel like Power Rangers as a show takes itself too seriously while the actors don’t take it seriously enough. And the Movie felt like it tried to take it a step further by making it Dark and Gritty.

    Basically, my mental comparison is that Power Rangers is like Justice League, (It takes itself too seriously for it’s own good, but only a few of the actors are really committed to it), while Super Sentai is like Thor: Ragnarok, (It’s campy and playful and knows that it’s campy and playful, but the actors are 100% committed to it)

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