Puzzle Adventure “Planet of Lana” Gets Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Release Spring 2024

Planet of Lana video game
Planet of Lana (Image: PR/Thuderful/Wishfully)

Thunderful and indie developer Wishfully has announced that the puzzle adventure Planet of Lana will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation sometime in Spring 2024. I will definitely try to play this title! It looks so good!

Accompanying the latest NS and PS announcement, a new trailer for the Planet of Lana debuted during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase. The game continues to look visually appealing and it has received quite a lot of positive reviews from game critics and general gamers.

The companion mechanic in the gameplay has you playing as Lana who is also able to issue commands to a cat-like buddy named Mui. The challenges you need to overcome include platforming and other types of puzzle-solving while you try to escape unwanted attention from giant robots hunting you down. 

The story involves you figuring out why the world changed once mysterious orbs appeared in the sky and why the robots are capturing villagers. The personal aspect deals with Lana wanting to rescue her sister.

As for the environments, you will accompany Lana as she moves through dense jungles, sunlit meadows, arid deserts, and yes, even alien architecture in her mission to save the ones she loves. Lana and Mui’s relationship will also develop throughout the narrative.

Here’s the trailer!

Having watched the trailer, I’m a big fan of the hand-drawn artwork. And even though this is a side-scrolling platformer, the creative team has done an impressive job of making the visuals appear cinematic. The scene with Lana running away from a bunch of alien machines in the desert… so good!

We’re delighted to be bringing Planet of Lana to Switch and PlayStation in Spring 2024,” said Wishfully Studios’ director Adam Stjärnljus. “We want to share our game with as many people as possible, so this is something we are very excited about. Thanks to all the fans that helped make Planet of Lana a success on PC and console and thanks to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation communities for your patience – I promise we will do our best to make it worth the wait!”

Take note; The Planet of Lana is currently available on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be keeping an eye out for this title and I do plan on playing it once it debuts on the Nintendo Switch.

Let me know your opinions if you have played it already.

Also, you can learn more about Wishfully Studios by visiting the official website.

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