Gotham 4×10 & 4×11 Review: ‘Things That Go Boom’ and ‘Queen Takes Knight’

Gotham Queen Takes Knight Season review Sofia Falcone Crystal ReedGotham has a knack for delivering some awesome episode leading to the midseason finale and ‘Things That Go Boom’ and ‘Queen Takes Knight’ were no exceptions. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Crystal Reed as Sofia Falcone is amazing!

Gotham is at its best when it’s all about crazy villains with Jim Gordon stuck in the middle. When Sofia Falcone was introduced, I had no idea what kind of character she was going to be. I knew she was evil, but ‘Things That Go Boom’ and ‘Queen Takes Knight’ showed how far she’s willing to go for power. It was marvelous!

Turns out that Sofia had been orchestrating every power move in Gotham. She knew of every step Penguin was about to make and she also had Gordon wrapped around her finger. It was interesting to see Oswald and Jim continue to try and put up a fight, but ultimately they both had to admit defeat in front of her.

Oswald had a lot to do during ‘Things That Go Boom.’ He played all his cards right. Penguin knows that his heart is his weakness and that’s why he didn’t let Sofia use Martin to get to him. I do hope we get to see more of Martin in the upcoming episodes. I liked the student-and-mentor dynamic between him and Oswald. However, I’ll understand if Martin never shows up again because having him around makes Penguin weak. But I still have my fingers crossed.

Coming to ‘Queen Takes Knight,’ it’s probably one of the best Gotham episodes. It showed Sofia’s true face and her willingness to do anything to get what she wants. Crystal Reed showed some impressive acting chops. And speaking of chops, it was revealed that she’s the one who invited Professor Pyg into the city to keep Gordon and the GCPD distracted. Furthermore, Sofia also killed her own father to become the only Falcone worthy of running the city. It was glorious to see her rise to the top.

Of course, Penguin will come back to take her down, but until then, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her power plays when Gotham returns next year.

Some thoughts and questions

  • Gotham still doesn’t know what to do with Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina. Sigh!
  • Lee is probably the most sensible underground gang leader right now. However, I have a feeling that’ll change soon.
  • So, the writers are thinking of pairing Lee up with Ed? I think Lee might not reciprocate his feelings for her.
  • Jim Gordon is stuck dealing with Sofia and I love it!
  • Victor betraying Oswald was kind of sad.
  • I’m unable to make myself care about Baby Bruce being a brat.
  • I hope Grundy was able to permanently get his memories back after Tabitha was done with him.
  • Judging by the next episode’s preview, Jerome and Ivy are back!

What did you think of Gotham’s midseason finale? Did you enjoy seeing how Sofia had been playing everyone from the start in ‘Queen Takes Knight’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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