Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×11 Review: The Shadow of the Mastermind

Boruto anime the shadow of the mastermind review

This week’s episode of Boruto, titled “The Shadow of the Mastermind,” picked up the pace and brought the rest of the kids together to find the person behind the mysterious attacks.

When the Boruto anime first started I had my doubts about it delivering an enjoyable storyline. And while there are a few issues, “The Shadow of the Mastermind” showed that the writers can deliver. Here’s hoping the next episode is just as enjoyable.

The story picked up from the previous episode. The attacks have become frequent and Naruto warns Boruto about taking matters into his own hands. While I understand Naruto not wanting his son to be in danger, I liked how Shino stepped in and reminded Naruto that kids can do great things. It made sense because Naruto, as a kid, had accomplished impressive feats. So, given a chance, Boruto and his friends could follow suit.

I really enjoyed the plan Boruto and his friends came up with to find the person behind the attacks. The fight scene also reminded me of Konan’s powers. We also saw that Boruto’s clones have a limit. They can only exist as long as they can see Boruto.

Anyway, the only question I have is why wasn’t Salad part of the group? Boruto and his friends know that that the antagonist is close to them. Are the writers trying to make the audience think that Salad is involved somehow? Considering she’s one of the leads, I have a hard time believing she has turned evil.

There were also a lot of hints about Sumire being responsible, but the hints felt too obvious to me. The writers could very well be misleading the audience and someone else could be revealed as the current villain. Whoever it happens to be, “The Shadow of the Mastermind” was indeed an enjoyable episode.

It seems that the villain wants to summon a Nue, a Japanese mythological being. I wonder if the kids will be able to defeat it or if the adults will have to intervene.

Also, Sakura Haruno made an appearance, busy healing a man whose chakra had been drained. She didn’t have any lines but I’ll take it! Now, if only they can hurry up and animate Naruto Gaiden.

What did you think of Boruto this week? Did you enjoy “The Shadow of the Mastermind”? Let us know.

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