The Star Wars Hotel is Coming and My Wallet is Crying

Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser

The new Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World is becoming more and more of a reality with the release of floor plans, estimated prices, and even a name. For about $1,000 per person per day, you can stay at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

The Star Wars hotel price quotes come from, where they state these prices could be scaled up or down between now and when Galactic Starcruiser actually opens. Their breakdown reads:

Pricing for a 2-night/3-day stay starts at $3,300 for one person, or just over $1,000 per person, per day. Cabins do sleep up to five passengers, so there’s also the option of maxing out the cabin occupancy for a relatively cheaper price per person. A cabin with five passengers would cost $7,200, or roughly $1,440 per person, for a more feasible $480 per person, per day price range.

I already spent $100 on a remote control droid at the Droid Depot at Disneyland, so my wallet is trembling at the thought of me YOLOing my way to Florida to stay at this hotel. Is it out of my price range? Absolutely. Is my Star Wars fangirl heart ignoring that fact and preemptively planning a potential trip? You betcha! I have no idea how I can make this experience affordable, but life finds a way.  I’m determined.

There seems to be a two night minimum for the hotel, which will offer a fully immersive Star Wars-themed experience. The windows in individual cabins will look out at space scenes and you’ll have a chance to “interact with characters and become active participants in stories that unfold around them on their galactic journey.” It sounds like there’s so much going on in the hotel itself that you might not want to leave to visit any of the nearby Walt Disney World parks. Then again, Batuu will be at nearby Hollywood Studios, so if you can pull yourself away from the Star Wars hotel for the Star Wars land itself, you’ll have an even more complete experience (and admission to Hollywood Studios is pocket change compared to the price of the hotel, so you have that going for you).

Based on chatter on Twitter from D23, it looks like the experience will be comparable to staying on a cruise ship. The rooms are called “cabins” and, while the hotel itself is called Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the ship has a separate name: Halycon. The concept art being showcased at D23 seems to show a lot of cruise ship style activities, too, such as observation deck type areas, potential gaming areas (can… can we play Dejarik??), and much more.

There’s not much else to glean about the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser from the display on the D23 show floor, but there is a panel scheduled for Sunday morning called “Sneak Peak! Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products!” that may shine some more light on this particular attraction.

We will update this article with any new information from that panel or any other sources as they come out. It’s sure to be a busy weekend for all things Disney, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for updates!

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