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  • POLL: Genre TV Show Down- Final Round

    This is our Genre TV show down Final Round! We started with three categories: Comic Inspired, Science Fiction, and Fantasy/Urban Legend Inspired shows. The top 2 winners from each category moved into this Final Round. VOTING IS UNLIMITED, however polldaddy has an internal bot detecting system that we have no control over. If you vote too […]

  • Year of the Badass Female Protagonist

    This past year has seen a lot of incredible television.  Some of the best new shows have women protagonists, which is remarkably refreshing given that the majority of the shows in existence tend to be led by men.  Even better, many of these shows have a diverse secondary cast as well, including LGBTQ+, POC, and disabled […]

  • POLL: Best New 2014-2015 Show

    There’s been a lot of amazing TV these past few months and we want to know what your favorite is. In order to be eligible for this poll, it had to have premiered between January 2014 and the day this poll began.  Some shows have been fortunate enough to have a second season begin in […]

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×08 Review: Valediction

    The season finale of Agent Carter made me cry. I’m woman enough to admit it. I don’t cry often, but damn. I feel I should preface my review with this before I begin, just as a warning. Whenever they drag out the memory of Steve for Peggy it is sure to make even the toughest […]

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×7 Review: Snafu

    The good thing about most of the regular cast of Marvel’s Agent Carter being male is that if they want to kill a major character it’s probably going to be a dude. And it was. A dude. In fact it was the head dude. The dude I had kind of started hating slightly less than […]

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×6 Review: A Sin to Err

    My writing partner Bandit was so busy hanging out at New York Toy Fair this past weekend – check out her coverage, she found some cool stuff – we kind of let last week’s Agent Carter review slide, but I just couldn’t miss the opportunely to talk about such an awesome episode. While “A Sin […]

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×5 Review: The Iron Ceiling

    Peggy Carter is the greatest. As a show, Agent Carter has its issues (particularly in regards to racial diversity) but the character Peggy Carter is the greatest. Just so amazingly great. She was already a compelling protagonist, but in “The Iron Ceiling” she proved she was also an action hero. Peggy was born to be […]

  • Agent Carter 1×4 Review: The Blitzkrieg Button

    It’s a testament to how enjoyable this show is, that an episode that is essentially just people standing around talking about their feelings is still surprisingly entertaining. Not that I don’t enjoy a good old chat about feelings, especially when those feelings involve Steve Rogers. And to be honest I could probably watch a whole […]

  • FEELINGS… with The Geekiary: Ep. 1

    Three girls from The Geekiary have a lot of feelings to share about all things geek. Erin, Tara and Von (aka Undie Girl) will be hosting “FEELINGS” the last Thursday of each month, to discuss recent new episodes of our favorite shows, upcoming movies we’re excited about, convention plans, and more. This months topics include: […]