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  • Fury Road Prequel or Mad Max Sequel: Which will it be?

    Yes, Fury Road was actually called Mad Max: Fury Road, but can anyone really argue with the fact that Charlize Theron’s Furiosa was the real star of the show? It doesn’t seem so, because despite rumors of sequels, it’s a Fury Road prequel that seems to be in pre-production. Australia’s Herald Sun claims that the […]

  • Mad Max Themed Graduation Cosplay? Sure, Why Not!

    Some awesome students in Japan put together a Mad Max Themed Graduation and it was amazing. Apparently having a cosplay style graduation is a thing in Japan.  Kotaku has chronicled several of them in the past.  This time around some enterprising young students at Tokya’s Tama Art University put together some absolutely stellar Mad Max […]

  • Our Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015

    2015 was a great year for fictional women, and there were so many amazing ones to choose from! But we have to narrow them down to a few favorites to highlight. Here are The Geekiary’s Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015! Agent Peggy Carter Nominated by: Undie Girl Peggy Carter stole our hearts in Captain […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: Hayley Atwell Continues to Ruin My Life

    Hayley Atwell continues to be amazing, which is no longer surprising so much as a general source of emotional pain every single day at this point. She went to the Captain America: Civil War set and brought us all kinds of awesome images. She also informed us that Chris Evans drinks muscle milk. As if […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: Tara FINALLY Watches Supernatural!

    It has finally happened. Our girl Tara has bowed to peer pressure and FINALLY started watching Supernatural. Season 10 just finished airing so she’s got A LOT to catch up on, and I can’t wait to see what she thinks along the way. You can watch Tara experience the wonder that is Supernatural by following […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: Hayley Atwell Is Everything

    Hayley Atwell is and continues to be the greatest person in the existence of everything. To be perfectly honest, I am tempted to post her entire Twitter feed in this post because it’s all gold. I will show some restraint, but I will say that she told audiences at Comicpalooza in Houston that Agent Carter […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: Who Else Is Sick of Spider-Man Speculation?

    Chris Evans’ beard is really gone. It is a sad day. According to the now beardless man, Avengers: Infinity War is set to start shooting in fall or winter of 2016. (via The Hollywood Reporter)  Also Mark Ruffalo tweeted about the lack of Black Widow merchandise. We know, Mark. We know. .@Marvel we need more […]