FEELINGS Daily: Game Of Thrones Doesn’t Care About Sansa Stark So I No Longer Care About Game Of Thrones


So something happened on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones that was just too nope for me. That’s it, show. We are over. I can accept pretty much everything except the continuous exploits of rape for shock value… especially when it involves Sansa Stark. If you want to read more about what happened on Game of Thrones and why it was so controversial check out The Geekiary’s review as well as these articles by zap2it, Hypable, and The Mary Sue. But I’m done.


Taylor Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood” is just an awesome sci-fi homage! I’m not going to lie, I would one hundred percent watch an entire movie based on this music vid.

OMG this short film of “Deleted Scenes of Women in Disaster Movies Written by Men” is totally on point. (via The Mary Sue)

This fan-made Black Widow title sequence will make you even sadder about the fact that it’s not real. (via Mashable)

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reunited for a special performance Tuesday night at the Cutting Room in New York. (via The Daily Dot)

The Supergirl trailer is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Trailer for A&E’s The Omen sequel series, Damien, starring Bradley James.

“Sorry Babe, You’re a Feminist” – Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy

In Other News:

  • Pitch Perfect beat Mad Max Fury Road at the box office. But they both made a lot of money because movies about girls make money. Fact. (via The Mary Sue)
  • The sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road already has a name, apparently. It’s called Mad Max: The Wasteland. (via The Daily Dot)
  • Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé dropped their new music video on Tidal, so I can’t link to it but I’m sure you can probably find it around. It’s definitely worth watching. (via The Daily Dot)
  • Hulu has swooped in and saved The Mindy Project, which is a good thing because it’s one of the only comedies I still cared about. (via Mashable)
  • Apparently Matt Fraction is going to be on Late Night with Seth Meyers on May 21st – frick yeah. (via The Mary Sue)
  • Sony is remaking The and as much as I am super over remakes, I’m pretty excited about that one. (via Mashable)
  • Also, we’re doing a Be sure to check it out and enter if you want the chance to win some awesome goodies!

Finally there have been many photos from the Captain America: Civil War set. I am not going to post any of them because I am still utterly terrified of the Disney snipers, but I will leave you with some of the artwork inspired by that one particular photo of Chris Evans.




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