Teen Wolf 4×10 Review: Monstrous


This week’s episode of Teen Wolf built on the previous one and we got to know more about the real Benefactor. Monstrous was an okay episode for me. But that’s been the case with Teen Wolf this season. The episodes are either at an okay level or just plain filler.

So, Meredith wasn’t the actual Benefactor per say. I was wondering how the writers were going to make the audience believe that she was stable enough to come up with such an elaborate plan. However, it turned out that she was acting on Peter’s diabolical scheme. She was admitted in the same hospital where Peter lay comatose during Season 1. I liked the scene where she could hear all his thoughts and it looked as if he was talking directly to her.

The reason Peter wanted to eliminate all the supernatural beings from Beacon Hills was because he blamed Talia Hale for becoming weak and letting the family die. His plan was more or less ‘survival of the fittest’ and to rule over Beacon Hills as the one true alpha. As far as I’m concerned, Peter has always been the biggest threat to Scott’s pack and will remain so untill they take him out.

I think the Nemeton has been gaining power because of the supernatural creatures dying, and the sacrifices Jennifer made back in 3A. All of this fits perfectly into the fan-theory that Peter Hale has been syphoning power from the Nemeton and that’s why he appears stronger this season.10491152_287118038138671_1959534519582819866_n

Another fan-theory that seemed to be supported by the episode was the start of Scott McCall’s dark character arc. His alpha werewolf face was quite different from his normal one while he was fighting one of the hunters. It looked darker and more monstrous. There’s a good chance he might end up killing someone by the end of the season.

I’m interested in knowing how the big computers in Lydia’s Lake House work. Is the Benefactor really just an A.I? Does the machine need a Banshee to make it work? How is a machine, which looks decades old, able to process information at such a fast rate and keep everything in check, regarding the assassinations?

Kira appeared this week to save Brent and some random werewolf girl during the start of the episode. I hope she doesn’t disappear again. Why isn’t she using her Kitsune powers? Right now she just looks like a girl who has impressive skills with a katana. Where is all the trickster-spirit stuff?

The characters who were important to this week’s plot were Lydia, Peter, Meredith, Stiles, and Malia. The rest of the gang was off trying to survive a huge attack. Was it just me or did anyone else think the hunters who attacked Scott and Satomi’s packs were the most unprepared hunters in history? They knew they were attacking werewolves and I don’t think anyone was using electric batons, wolfsbane infused weapons, sonic emitters, or anything that would actually work against werewolves. The whole sequence was just ‘meh’. Derek and Brae were fine with taking on a small army of hunters without any indication that they suffered grave wounds not so long ago.

I seriously want to know how sex with Derek works. Is it a cure for all kinds of injuries? Because if that’s the case then the Sheriff needs to get on ‘that’ immediately because it’s taking too long for him to recover from the bullet wound. Heck! Stiles should’ve had sex with Derek back in 3B and saved everyone a lot of trouble by having the Nogitsune expelled from him during the deed.

With only two episodes left I’m interested in seeing how the writers end the current season of Teen Wolf. A long list of questions need to be answered and there isn’t much time. It’s very likely a lot of things will go into the next season and some of those things will be forgotten for the sake of the new plot which will bring up another list of questions.

Why isn’t anyone concerned that Derek is turning human after going through all the trouble of rescuing him from Mexico? What’s up with Chris Argent and the yellow wolfsbane? Who wants to remind Brae about what she’s been paid to do and send her a text to look in the sewers where Peter and Kate are clearly trying to imitate the Ninja Turtles?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? Was Monstrous hinting at Scott losing his humanity by the end of this season? Let us know in the comments section below!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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8 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 4×10 Review: Monstrous

  1. I think to some extent, Peter can’t really be held responsible for the rantings and ravings he did while he was in a coma for almost a decade. I’m sure the whole idea sounded cool on paper to Davis, but in real life, it just seems a little weak to me. Ian Bohen’s performance is what made this episode for me. I think in anyone else’s hands, this character might not have been anywhere as entertaining were it not for Ian Bohen. Through conventions and whatnot, you seem to get the sense that the actors have a deeper understanding of how their characters work than Jeff Davis, which is kinda sad. Maybe the actors should be in the writing room with Davis, giving him tips?

    Honestly Scott’s struggle with predator vs monster has been something that’s been building since Deucalion rolled up, and it seems a bit by the numbers. It’s like Davis has this book of cliche plotlines and is going, “Okay, Scott has this, this, and this. Now it’s time for the going-dark storyline.” What I would love to see for season five is the show stripped completely down and focus strictly on developing the character, perhaps with Scott losing control and being the big bad and how the pack saves him. Because this season has been a hot mess and my least favorite overall in terms of storytelling and just general making freakin’ sense!

    Eeep! Word vomit!

    1. I agree…Ian Bohen clearly makes Peter a very interesting character…and yes, the actors do seem to know more about their characters compared to the writers and actually bring that to the screen along with what the writers wrote

      With an online fandom that’s as active as Teen Wolf’s i do think Jeff and/or the writers do read the meta some fans write and bring that into the show in their own way…dark Stiles is something that a lot of fans talk about, and with Jeff love for cliche’s i wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen by the finale or next season

      1. Love of clichés is right! I mean, the whole situation of locking Stiles and Malia in a room together until they talk?! I can’t count how many times I’ve seen that in a summary for a fanfiction. I wonder if we’ll be seeing genderbender or some other fanfic trope in season five.

        1. Making Mama McCall lock Stiles and Malia together until they kissed and made up had me rolling my eyes at the screen….and to me it feels that in order to make Malia look relevant or sharp, Stiles’s own detective skills are taking a back seat…i could be wrong, but this week’s episode made me feel like that

          Haha…he’s okay with fan-fic tropes unless they go into the LGBT territory, cos then it’s all ‘NoHomo’, which i guess includes the genderbender trope (but who knows it might pop-up)…i imagine Jeff reading fan-fic on the internet and saying: “It’s good but i will have to take out all the gay. That will make it better.”

          1. “to me it feels that in order to make Malia look relevant or sharp, Stiles’s own detective skills are taking a back seat…i could be wrong, but this week’s episode made me feel like that”
            You’re not alone in this feeling, though I have to ask — only this week’s episode? My observation is that Stiles’ character has been taking a hit this whole season on account of Malia’s ‘increasing charm’ – he’s lost much of his wit, problem solving and deductive skills just to make her shine. It’s like the writers have a finite amount of compelling skills they get to distribute among the characters and not one iota more.

            1. I agree…Stiles’s intelligence is taking a lot of hits in order to make Malia shine or something, but for me it isn’t working…this week’s scene was the last straw for me…heck, Malia should’ve gone alone to solve the case cos Stiles looked like the one who tagged along…Maybe Jeff is trying to make the audience think that Stiles and Malia make a good detective team, but i don’t think anyone is buying

  2. I agree with what the others are saying – Stiles seems to be utterly useless lately, now that Malia gets all the detective solving lines in the show. It’s really upsetting that he’s just there to be like “yes Malia, you’re right!”

    Although I would like to say: I thought it was clear that Peter was siphoning Derek’s powers, is that not the case? It explains Derek losing and Peter gaining at the same time…which I then connected back to Peter telling Derek how to “save” Cora (by giving up his Alpha spark)…Peter looked so pleased in that scene, and it seems like it’d be easier to drain a beta/omega than an Alpha…?

    1. Yes Derek’s powers seemed to be being drained by Peter, that was quite obvious since the start of S4 and when he made him lose his spark to save Cora…i was just mentioning a fan-theory that Peter has a connection with the Nemeton that sucks power whenever a supernatural creature dies/is killed or a sacrifice (even human) is made and that’s why Peter killed Jeniffer on the Nemeton by end of 3A and also had a plan to kill all supernatural beings in BHills…some fans also think that Deaton is also aiding Peter or has another agenda related to the Nemeton’s power and he’s the puppeteer to Scott’s puppet

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