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  • Teen Wolf 6×2 Review: “Superposition”

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf titled “Superposition” didn’t waste time progressing the main plot. We also got some callbacks to the very first season and a few interesting character interactions. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Teen Wolf 5×8 Review: Ouroboros

    While this week’s episode of Teen Wolf delivered a few answers, it also gave rise to new questions… Again! Season 5A only has two episodes left, and I hope the writers are able to provide viewers some sort of closure regarding the Dread Doctors and don’t drag the plot into 5B. The episode “Ouroboros” opened […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×7: Strange Frequencies

    This episode was very reminiscent of “Night School”, with the benefit of much stronger writing. The Dread Doctors definitely live up to their name with some traumatic hallucinations for Parrish, Scott, Lydia, and Malia. However, more than the Dread Doctors, it is villainous Theo that is proving to be unpredictable and downright disturbing. Dylan O’Brien […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×6 Review: Required Reading

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf Season 5 delved further into the mystery of the Dread Doctors and gave one of the most obvious creature revelations near the end. Even though I have my problems with the current season I found myself enjoying “Required Reading”. First I’m going to talk about the Liam/Hayden romance and […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×04 Review: Condition Terminal

    If it seems like this review is a little on the disjointed side, with no strong flow, it’s only because that was the feel of this episode. It just felt busy, too many characters, too much happening. There were gratuitous naked guys galore, crazy fights, and new creatures, all the factors of a standard Teen […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×11 Review: A Promise to the Dead

    This is going to be the least professional opening to any piece of writing I have written for this web-site but here it goes: Teen Wolf is officially a hot mess. Literally the hottest of messes. First of all, I cannot stand this season’s habit of cold openings featuring unknown and unnecessary characters in an […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×10 Review: Monstrous

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf built on the previous one and we got to know more about the real Benefactor. Monstrous was an okay episode for me. But that’s been the case with Teen Wolf this season. The episodes are either at an okay level or just plain filler. So, Meredith wasn’t the actual […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×7 Review: Weaponized

    We’ve passed the mid-season mark and still almost all of the episodes of Teen Wolf have been about the gang surviving assassination attempts rather than the plot moving forward. This week’s episode followed the same trend, featuring assassins that popped out of nowhere. Our Beacon Hills heroes haven’t come any nearer to finding the true […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×5 Review: I.E.D.

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf: “I.E.D.”, had a lot of revelations; however, not all of them were as surprising as I think the writers wanted them to be. Meredith, made an appearance, and Lydia found the second part of the dead pool list. I’ve missed the awkward Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) this season, the one […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×2 Review: 117

    There was a lot to take in this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. There was bit more information about Derek’s past, a lot of action, some comedic scenes, and death returned to Beacon Hills. Hello! Old friend! The episode opened with a flashback showing young Derek trying to control his shift during the full moon. He looked a […]