Teen Wolf 4×9 Review: Perishable


Watching Teen Wolf can be a very confusing experience for me because I love it but at the same time it really pisses me off. “Perishable” had some fantastic moments between the four remaining original regulars (Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek) and I will admit that I did not see that big bad reveal coming. But at the same time this show’s horrific treatment of mental illness is so incredibly upsetting and this episode wasn’t even close to passing the Bechdel test. There were literally three men for every woman. Do you understand my dilemma?

Okay, so there was an evil DJ using dubstep to incapacitate supernatural creatures so the local security force could burn them alive – that really should be enough to remind me not to take this show seriously. But I can’t help it, this show has made me care and now I care too damn much.

All right, I’m being a little over dramatic. Just call me Peter Hale. This episode was pretty fun even though the DJ of death/pyromaniac security guards storyline was so ridiculous that I’m not sure if I loved it or hated it. I am loving “Malia gone wild” – especially when Scott told her that alcohol doesn’t work on them but she just kept on drinking anyway because you never know until you try. Really though, I know a lot of people are disappointed with Malia’s storyline but I think she’s got one of the most well-developed character arcs for the season.

tw2It was great to see them seamlessly integrate a queer relationship into the background of this story with Lydia’s grandmother Loraine and the woman she loved, Maddy. That’s a pretty good example of LGBTQ+ representation done well. It doesn’t make up for the lack of representation in the main cast of course but it’s still noteworthy. The use of flashbacks to tell Lydia’s story was beautiful – which is saying something because I really hate flashbacks.

Actually this whole episode was very visually appealing all round. As a bit of fun trivia this episode was directed by Jennifer Lynch (who also directed episode 5 “I.E.D.”) and I’m always excited to see talented women doing well in this overwhelmingly male dominated profession. This was a nice looking episode and I’m not just talking about Deputy Pretty Eyes’s epic ash-covered naked entrance.

Speaking of Deputy Pretty Eyes, he might have survived an explosion because he’s a dragon or a phoenix or whatever but he still got the Sheriff shot, which is very uncool.

tw1The highlights of this episode were definitely the moments between the long-standing cast members. The pack trying and failing to explain the supernatural world to poor Parrish. Derek and Scott communicating about each of their problems. The Sheriff and Stiles arguing over whose job it is to take care of the other. Stiles desperately trying to keep Lydia sane as Brunski forces her to listen to her grandmother’s death. All of these moments made me very emotional and they’re proof that while I’m enjoying the new characters I’m just not as invested in them as I am in the original cast.

Of the new cast members I though Mason really shone in this episode. They were sorely in need of a confused but concerned outsider (someone not in the know on all things supernatural) and he fits that role nicely. I did laugh when he said that statistically one of the lacrosse players was gay because he’s right but Danny is MIA, despite Jeff Davis assurances that we haven’t seen the last of him. But hey, that’s okay because they have another queer POC now.

Anyway, I should probably talk about the big reveal because it was pretty shocking. I don’t think I saw that theory floating around anywhere. I have to admit that for a good chunk of the episode I actually thought Brunski was going to be The Benefactor and that was pretty disappointing. But thankfully I was wrong but I honestly don’t know how to feel about Meredith.

I love evil women, they are basically my favourite thing. And I genuinely happy to see Meredith back in any way, shape or form because she is a fantastic character. That said, everything that has to do with Eichen House is just so icky. Not only was “Echo House” one of the worst episodes Teen Wolf has ever done but just all this stuff about forced suicide makes me really uncomfortable and not in a good way. Teen Wolf, with all its cheesy fun, doesn’t follow through with emotional consequences and they really shouldn’t draw attention to it by focusing on mental health.

Problematic depictions of mental illness aside, I was fairly impressed with this reveal. I loved the connection between Lydia’s grandmother and Meredith – like she was the one that created the villain by using her in the first place. It also creates a nice personal connection between core cast and the season’s villain. Well done, Teen Wolf writers; that’s the first time that the episode 9 reveal has had any kind emotional payoff since season 2.

The absolute worst part of this episode was the lack of Kira. I guess she’s off looking after her mother but it’s really just a sorry example of the fact that they have no idea what to do with her this season. She has nothing to do. She’s just Scott’s girlfriend. It sucks because as a character, she has so much potential and they just seem to have forgotten she’s there unless they need someone to jump into a fight or kiss Scott.

A lot of this episode was pretty forgettable but the parts that were good were fantastic. Still, I’m loving this season overall and I can’t wait to see what kind of mess they have for us next week.


Quote of the week goes to Derek Hale and Scott McCall because I will never get over their growing camaraderie (forever obsessed with werewolf brothers).

Scott: What happened to the gun?

Derek: You’re covered in gasoline.

Scott: Oh yeah.

Author: Undie Girl

Undie Girl (aka Von) has a BA (Hons) Major in Cultural Studies. The title of her honours thesis was “It’s just gay and porn”: Power, Identity and the Fangirl’s Gaze. She’s currently pursuing a Masters of Media Practice at University of Sydney. Von’s a former contributor The Backlot’s column The Shipping News and a current co-host of The Geekiary’s monthly webcast FEELINGS… with The Geekiary.

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23 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 4×9 Review: Perishable

  1. “It was great to see them seamlessly integrate a queer relationship into the background of this story with Lydia’s grandmother Loraine and the woman she loved, Maddy. That’s a pretty good example of LGBTQ+ representation done well.” NO – it is so far from this I cannot even believe you would say this. It is the same old line that Davis has been throwing at us time and time again – hey, look, Gran was a lesbian! So what, she is dead so just becomes another token gay character. This does not equate to representation as there are still no main characters that are LGBTQ that have a meaningful storyline. Shame on you for even suggesting that it is representation well done.

    1. She literally goes on to say – “It doesn’t make up for the lack of representation in the main cast of course but it’s still noteworthy.”

    2. I’m not angry about it the way you are, but I agree with you. To me, it was a way to shoehorn a non-hetero couple in there without actually letting us see much of them.

  2. I loved this episode it was really amazing and so far the best of the entire season.
    I am anxious to know what Deputy Parrish is, I hope he’s a dragon IDK why but I hope so ^^

    However, I have to disagree wit you saying that Malia has a great character development arc. So far it has been the same thing wit her, she’s either wit Stiles making out wit him or she’s acting like a party girl. So far I haven’t seen any development from her.

    I loved the moment wit Stiles and Lydia both have come a long way and it shows just how much the other cares for them.

    Overall I truly enjoyed this episode and hopefully the next three are just as good as this one ^^

  3. Still not into Meredith being the Benefactor, have a feeling she has an accomplice with her…i could be wrong

    really, they couldn’t think of anything for Kira this season and it’s just sad…she’s one of the characters i like in the show

    most of the time all i could think was, so you had Papa Stilinski shot, had Stiles stay with him while others were with Derek….however i am kind of impressed how Jeff is moving the characters so Derek and Stiles don’t really interact with each other…when supposedly Derek needed to be rescued from Mexico in the premiere, dreamt about Stiles in 3B finale and in 3A it was shown Stiles would go check up on Derek if needed….i guess it does take effort to make certain two characters don’t really meet each other….Good lord Jeff, what are you trying to do 🙂

  4. There were only two good moments in the entire episode. Braeden in the interrogation room, and Derek and Braeden kicking butt at the end. Everything else was ridiculous and drawn out. This show needs it’s editors fired because it was so choppy and they need the slow motion option taken away from them completely.

    Who’s up for a Derek and Braeden spin-off? I would be glued to that every week.

    1. Except that they should not have been able to be ‘kicking butt’ because the both just got shot!

      1. At this point I can’t really be bothered to focus on logical details in a show like Teen Wolf. Derek and Braeden’s recoveries are as logical as anything else in the show. Like: Sheriff’s workers compensation would have covered his hospital expenses because he was shot on duty. That party at the school was not possible in any way. Where are people getting all these cassette tapes and players to play them?

        Let’s be real. The show is nothing but candy-floss cheap trashy TV. I view it like that in turn. Derek and Braeden should continue to kick butt and I think Meagan should be bumped up to a series regular in season 5. I miss my Sterek interactions, but if Derek/Braeden is the show’s endgame, I’m completely happy.

        1. I may not expect the supernatural beings to be logical but I expect it from the humans, if someone gets shot it doesn’t disappear, Derek I can see him being able to things because his was a graze, but Braeden’s was an actually penetrative wound that in 4×07 was portrayed as life-threatening, Braeden pretending to be a Marshal and getting a case file and ‘interrogating’ Haigh seems so very stupid 1) because Derek could have asked the Sheriff for the file without the risk of Braeden being found out 2) there are policies and procedures in place (even in a small town) to keep things like that from happening, which means calls to superiors to an actual office (they’d have the numbers) and visual confirmation which would be a picture sent to them. 3) she’d never be allowed to see Haigh, there’d be someone in the other room behind the glass (it’s to cover a cop’s ass). I’m from a smaller town then Beacon Hills is supposed to be and that is how the local police and sheriff’s department handle it.
          If a show is supposed to be set in the real world with addition of the supernatural then they need to show it.
          I bet you anything the Sheriff will shows signs of being shot in 4×10, a sling more than likely, so you can’t accept that’ll show it for one character and not another.

          1. I may be biased because I love Braeden, but as I said before her scenes are not as ridiculous as anything else in the show. And yet fandom is really piling it on for her.

            I get what you’re saying about the human side of things, but it’s never been believable. The Sheriff’s department was blown up. Yet it’s already rebuilt and looks exactly the same. The CDC doesn’t just disappear when an outbreak miraculously disappears. The Sheriff was stabbed and was pretty okay afterward. There is no way Eichen house could exist in the real world anymore. Coach Fintstock was shot with an arrow and he’s fine, he even got hit in the chest a few episodes ago and was great. Scott and Stiles spent a whole night researching a bank robbery before having to see a newspaper article photo of Stiles’ dad to realize that they should just ask him.

            These are all human things that are more ridiculous than a mercenary going undercover to get information. Yes, she healed quickly, but so did Sheriff, Coach and Stiles.

            This may not be your intention, but as someone who is heavily in the Sterek fandom (I will ship them forever), I’m increasingly seeing people nitpicking everything about Meagan/Braeden. Things that are not even picked up on if it’s another character.

            Derek/Braeden has actually been handled fairly well relative to every single other superficial romantic storyline on the show (Endgame Draeden is fine with me while I have all my amazing Sterek fics to cozy up with). Braeden has been handled amazingly as a strong female character.

            Yes she healed fast. It’s as logical as the rest of the human side of the show.

            1. I’ve never been satisfied with how quickly the humans get hurt and bounce back, but why show her almost dying then she’s fine? I loved Braeden but after 4×01 not so much, she was paid to find Kate but she ended up with a gunshot wound in the preserve surrounded by bodies, not sure why the assassin (I’m assuming it was the blonde chick) left her alive, seems stupid especially since Braeden could identify her, yet we’ve not been given a reason, on top of that Peter and Chris found Kate in less then what, 3 hours? Then they show her almost die, and yes suspension of disbelief is a thing but with Coach he still flinched and was in pain, with the Sheriff and Stiles we never saw how quickly they healed, when he was hurt it was the last 2 episodes of 3a, Stiles the end of s2 where they showed them playing lacrosse after he healed but not how much in between.
              With Braeden though they made a point to show her in the hospital, drugged on Morphine after what looks to be an abdominal wound, so it’s hard for the very next episode to go ‘oh okay, she’s healed enough’ when they show Derek’s graze, since an actual bullet wound is worse than a graze, have you ever your appendix removed, or your gallbladder any type of surgery where it involves your abdomen? In many of those they go through the intestines, and if it’s a penetrative wound they also have to make sure the intestines are intact no blockages, leakage, dead pieces, all of that and they’d spend at least 5 days in the hospital and then have to be very careful for a month or more, no strenuous activity, sex, driving a car, vacuuming. All of that and it’s kind of hard to ignore it, plus her wound is gone, no scabs, stitches or scars when you look at the other promos when she’s in her underwear.
              If they hadn’t had her have sex so soon after getting shot or beat the crap out of the assassins I would be fine with her but all of that is too much for me and many others to ignore.

              1. I do understand how Teen Wolf keeps making the audience suspend belief. It’s frustrating. But there’s a point that you either have to embrace the show with the soap opera level logic that it has, or stop watching completely.

                But from your arguments, all I can see is that fans will find any reason for things to do with Stiles, Sheriff, Derek etc to make sense, but a few little things with Braeden and she’s a lost cause to fandom.

                I can’t buy that.

                This line is what bothers me:
                “If they hadn’t had her have sex so soon after getting shot or beat the crap out of the assassins I would be fine with her but all of that is too much for me and many others to ignore.”

                Again, it may not be your intent, but that reads that the real problem is that she had sex with Derek. And fandom all knew that was going to happen so it’s been open season on Braeden since the first episode. Actually since before the first episode when the clip of Draeden kissing was released.

                So you and others who say it’s now just too much to ignore just comes off as a little hard to believe. Especially when it’s not applied to other characters and situations with the same intensity.

                Stiles should in no way be as mentally stable as he is right now. In real life he would be getting heavy duty psychological treatment. He killed people–without his consent–but he watched himself kill people. The hospital diagnosed him with a major illness. You don’t think his doctor would be following that up?

                In season 1, Derek was stabbed through the chest by an alpha’s hand. And he healed extremely quickly because Stiles and Scott picked him up in the Camaro in the exact same clothes they were wearing when Derek was stabbed.

                It’s all completely ridiculous and unbelievable. But is anybody just completely done with Stiles and Derek?

                So when I read things like “I would be fine with her but all of that is too much for me and many others to ignore”, and it’s only applied to female characters that happen to be having sex with a favorite male character, I have to point out the hypocrisy of that.

                All the characters… The ENTIRE SHOW has too much inconsistencies to ignore. Focusing on one character’s inconsistencies just reeks of a bias that is unwarranted.

                I really do apologize if that is not the case here, but your argument definitely read like that.

                1. Just going to let you know, not Sterek shipper I’m a Stydia shipper, the only ship with Derek I like is Derek/Morrell. I hated how they used Haldol at Eichen House, I hated the entirety of Eichen house, I hated Melissa using Naloxone, because it should never be used on a patient that is actually in pain, I hate how a person separated from humanity for so many years is in school with people who actually had to pass to get there, I hate that Malia and Stiles had sex in that basement, Malia because she just got turned back into a human and Stiles because of nogitsune and sleep deprivation, I hate that they killed of Boyd, Eric and Victoria, I hate that no one mentions Isaac, I hate that Gerard is still alive, I hate Peter is still alive (canonically, I like him in AU) I hate that Danny is gone, I hate that no one has dealt with Allison’s and everyone else’s deaths, I hate they everyone has money problems except for Scott’s situation, because none of it makes sense, I hate how all law enforcement procedure is thrown at the window along with actual medical procedures, policies and healthcare, I hate how most of mythology is wrong, I hate that Kira has been absent from two episodes, I could go on, there is more, but I’m tired of typing the word ‘hate’.
                  Not sure if you are calling me a misogynist or not because I changed my opinion on liking Braeden, it’s not like I don’t get enough of being called it on Tumblr when you say you don’t ship Draeden or like Braeden, at least you didn’t call me racist as well, so small favor there.
                  I’m all for women on the show having sex, I would like Draeden if it had happened in a believable manner, but really knowing how she’d have felt after her surgery and the following days, well it sunk any reason to like the ship, I had my gallbladder removed and I couldn’t lift more that 10 lbs, couldn’t even vacuum my living room, the last thought on my mind was sex.
                  Also, it seems, that in the new sneak peek for 4×10 the Sheriff is in a sling, so it’s funny they’d be accurate with him but not Braeden, they obviously know that people need to heal.

                  1. Again, I apologize if you take offense and you can dislike any character you want. But it’s when in explaining why you don’t like a character, a person gives a heap of reasons that can be applied to ANY character and plotline in the show… well then I just assume there’s an underlying bias that they’re skirting around.

                    Of course the Sheriff is a sling in the next episode. It’s so they can milk Stiles’ manpain/guilt. It’s for a plot reason. Just like it was for a plot reason that Braeden was healed. She gets sexy times with Derek and saves the day.

                    It’s all just the story Jeff wants to tell. Regardless if it makes sense or not. If the show didn’t want to amp up Stiles’ guilt, you can bet that Sheriff wouldn’t be wearing a sling in the next episode.

                    It’s not that they know somebody has to heal, it’s just not the character beats they’re trying to get across.

                    My point is it’s the WHOLE show. It’s EVERY character. But it’s only the ones either having sex with Derek or Stiles that is questioned to death and can’t be explained away.

                    That’s why most people assume there’s a bias. And that may be wrong to do so. But I don’t see the same level of disgust with the inconsistencies of ‘fan faves’ like Peter or Chris. Chris took an orphaned minor overseas and left him there. Peter came back to life even though he’s well documented in the hospital system that he’s burnt in a coma. That hospital would be under heavy investigation for a coma patient being stolen.

                    I could point out all these inconsistencies with the real world for every character. But I’m sure you get my point by now.

                    So, again, when all these issues are obvious (and which you pointed out a lot of them) but the focus of dislike is still on one female character who’s getting biblical with a popular male character then I just can’t buy that there isn’t a bias.

                    That same disgust should be with Melissa and her shoddy nursing practices, on Chris and his shoddy treatment of a minor, on Peter for his shoddy everything, on Sheriff for his frankly shoddy parenting of not dealing with Stiles’ glaring psychological issues. On Rafe who healed quite miraculously after the Oni attack.

                    When I don’t see that same amount of indignation then, I’m sorry, but I assume blatant hypocrisy.

                    1. I get that. I did leave a comment for on something earlier on here about Melissa giving Braeden Naloxone, and that it made no sense because Melissa isn’t a sadist. Not sure if you know what Naloxone is but it basically counteracts any opiated taken, so it’s used for patients that overdose and when they bring people out of surgery that had opiated anesthesia used, if given to someone who is taking morphine for pain it completely stops the morphine from working, it’s why the use of it like that is considered inhumane and unethical. If given like that the person would feel all the pain, so after surgery Braeden would have been in so much, which is why she was on morphine to begin with. I don’t see Melissa doing that but apparently the writers do, it’s like seeing someone in agony and you have morphine, Demerol, etc in your hand and refusing to give it to them. (Not sure if you couldn’t tell but I’m a nurse).
                      My original reply was based off the whole Braeden kicking butt and since my nurse hind-brain kicked in it caused me to be pissy. Believe me I find so much wrong with the show that I have no idea why I watch, the hypocritical views and disregard for real life consequences, poor representation imo, lose of characters, Danny 🙁 how no is shown to heal or even allowed to, the hypocrisy between characters, how something’s okay for one character but not the other, etc (not talking about fanon, some fans/shippers don’t care as long as it’s their ship, but canon does it so much).
                      Though bias can be applied to any ship, I mentioned getting told I’m racist and a misogynist because I don’t like Braeden or Draeden, I had only talked about the wound and the sex, I had made no mention of dislike except for them having sex while injured, it got really nasty, and I had disable anon. Assuming there is bias sometimes causes so much unwarranted hate that it’s almost physically painful.
                      I never meant offense either, I apologize if any was taken.

                    2. No offense taken at all. I completely understand how the Teen Wolf fandom works. When somebody doesn’t like a character, there’s 100 people out there ready to apply social justice issues to show you why you’re prejudiced.

                      I definitely do get that.

                      My only issue was the Braeden-centric stuff and you explained that, so it’s all good 🙂 It’s perfectly fine to not like a character or a pairing. But it’s becoming a pattern in the fandom to apply all these problematic things to a character while simultaneously loving a character that has exactly the same things wrong with them.

                      But you made your position clear. I definitely understand how completely frustrating the show can get if you keep trying to find real world logic in it. I spent all of 3a and 3b in a fiery ball of fan rage.

                      But as I went into season 4 and saw the cheesy cheap Mexico set and the cheesy slow motion introductions of the characters in the nightclub, I just realized that that’s what the show was always supposed to be.

                      It was a trashy supernatural show that can be enjoyed if not taken too seriously. The problem with that is early TW fandom was a lot smarter than the audience was probably supposed to be and gave a lot of people the impression that the show WAS smart.

                      I firmly believe Jeff and the cast bought into that too and that’s why we were met with the messes that 3a and 3b were. The show tried to be what the fandom made out it was.

                      It shouldn’t have.

                      So as painful as it is, my advice to you may be to step away from the show for a bit. The show isn’t going to change. It’s never going to make more sense than it does now. Jeff is never going to give the show the depth fandom wants.

                      It’s annoying. But if you can accept that, it actually does become enjoyable to watch. I take nothing seriously and honestly laugh a lot at the levels of ridiculous and over-acting that happen in each episode.

                      Teen Wolf is a trashy show. In a good way. It’s just hard to accept it.

  5. I’ve just been disappointed with the last few episodes of the show. Yes, they’ve had great moments but as a whole, they aren’t memorable at all. I’m intrigued by Meredith’s story and why she wants all the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills dead. I’m so disappointed with Malia’s character. I want so much more for her character and backstory. There are so many things wrong with Teen Wolf now that sometimes I wonder why I still watch.

  6. Still don’t get how Braeden was fighting, I’m still upset that her wound has apparently vanished, because I have a feeling that the Sheriff will be in a sling and more than likely they’ll talk about him being in pain or have Parrish apologize or something just to allude to the shooting, or they’ll just outright talk about it. It took me a week to be able to move around freely and without hesitation when I got my gallbladder removed, so I’m not sure how Braeden fought this beefy security guards.
    Not sure how the Sheriff would have to pay out of pocket costs, the shooting happened at the station, more than likely while the Sheriff was in duty and it was through no fault of their own, that means that no matter what all of his healthcare costs would be covered.
    It’s kind of funny that the only times Derek can win a fight are when he’s human or deaged, so basically Derek sucks as a werewolf but he’s great as human, is what I’m getting, which is a shame.
    Also how did Braeden get in to see the Deputy? I know she’s impersonating a Marshal but do you know how hard that is, there are so many hops that have to be gone through to verify that a Marshal, FBI, another cop is who they say they are. Also no matter what she would not be allowed to talk to him alone, since he’s a deputy that could have an accomplice. So yeah, makes no sense.
    I loved the Sheriff/Stiles family feels, but it’s kind of funny how he was separated from the rest at Derek’s loft, it’s not like Stiles was with his dad after his surgery, he was with Lydia, so why?
    I agree that Mason was pretty awesome, but what about Danny? 🙁
    I would have liked from the flashback with Lorraine and he Mady (not sure how they spelled it) because when she first started talking about them I thought Lydia meant love as in ‘I love my best friend’ way not in love with, so maybe an actual flashback where they interacted and not just computers and Mady’s body would have been nice.
    I also agree that visually it was wonderful, but really, other than that and Mason I could have done without it, not even a naked Parrish made it enjoyable for me, that and so many things that were wrong and didn’t make sense.

  7. I had several issues with the ep, but one of my biggest ones, is that they once again, gave a potentially huge emotional scene for Scott, to stiles. Why would they waste that money trouble scene on the Stilinskis, when it would have been so much more meaningful if it had been a scene between Scott and Melissa, who’ve been having money trouble since s1. I’m just so sick and tired of Stilinski family drama, or emotional scenes being given to Stiles.

    1. Fact is you have to give those scenes to an actor that can pull them off. While 4.07 was badly written, 4.08 was plain dull with Scott’s visions taking up a large part of the ep because TP cannot carry that much. I like the character of Scott and I like Tyler Posey, and he has some fabulous scenes with Melissa, but I can’t see him getting the emotional depth from that particular scene that Dylan did.

      1. You couldn’t possibly be more wrong. 407 and 408 were far better eps than 409. And the best parts of 409 where the bits that didn’t have Stiles in them. Dylan O’Brien is one of the most overrated mediocre actors I have seen in years; He’s more than a bit bland and cannot handle emotional scenes. I don’t think I’ve related to him even one single time in the entire series. He’s just lucky to play a character trope that people like to turn into their self insert.

        The difference between Dylan and Tyler Posey, is that Tyler has improved in every single ep of the show, to the point that he’s one of the show’s best actors. Whereas Dylan O’Brien has remained the same he’s been since ep 1 and thus comparatively grown worse. O’Brien bores me every single scene he’s in. He’s the main reason that s3 sucked as much as it did, because they gave way too much focus to boring ass cliché Stiles who cannot handle the narrative focus of being a lead. There’s a reason why the majority of Stiles centric fanfic gives Stiles Scott’s personality. It’ because Stiles is boring and annoying as hell..

        1. I personally have never read a fanfic where Stiles has Scott’s personality. People say that when they simplify Stiles’ personality. He’s complex and actually has a lot of similar traits to Scott. They just go about things differently.

          As to acting talent – Posey has improved. But so has Dylan. And TBH, and this is totally subjective – I do find that Dylan handles the emotional scenes better than Tyler. Tyler excels in scenes that have Scott acting closer to Posey’s actual personality.

          But they are both talented and there is no need to show how great Scott and Posey are by putting down Stiles or Dylan. Tyler Posey and Scott McCall would definitely not approve.

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