Teen Wolf Shoots 100th and Final Episode This Friday! Finally the End of Maliugh

Teen Wolf Season 6 100th Episode
Photo Credit: Scott Everett White for MTV.

MTV’s Teen Wolf is all set to wrap up this Friday with its 100th episode, and they have a huge cake and cast members to prove it!

Let’s be real. Teen Wolf was always a mess. However, during the first two seasons, it was a tolerable mess, kind of like what Riverdale is right now. But then season 3 happened and the world was introduced to Maliugh Tate and things went downhill from there.

Do I blame the show’s desperate attempts to convince the world that Stiles was straight (he definitely isn’t) for its downfall? Of course I do! At least as far as fan enthusiasm is concerned.

In regards to overall viewership, either Sterek fans made up more than 50% of the audience (which the show gladly pushed away) or Teen Wolf got too confusing for people to watch. Either way, the ratings for season 6A are so low that I can’t even laugh at them.

Ha! Who am I kidding? I’ll watch this show burn to the ground because I’m that kind of guy. If Jeff Davis and co. hadn’t already paid MTV for air time, as rumored, it would’ve been canceled during 6A.

Anyway, coming to the image. I definitely like the cake from Helen Wirth Cakes. Also, I have no idea what Khylin Rhambo is thinking. Why does he have one leg like that?

As for Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin not being a part of this party, Dylan is busy filming The Death Cure and I like to think Tyler is with him making sure his bae doesn’t get hurt again. Yes, I’m trash, I know!

There are rumors about those two allegedly being on set a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if we’ll get to see Stiles and Derek in 6B. Maybe they’ll make a cameo? Anyway, don’t be tempted to watch the show hoping they’ll appear in an episode. Wait for gifs to pop up on Tumblr. You’ll save yourself from the torture.

Are you looking forward to Teen Wolf season 6B? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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30 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Shoots 100th and Final Episode This Friday! Finally the End of Maliugh

  1. [PERSONAL INSULT REMOVED BY ADMIN]. Hope you own this rag because anyone that hires you should be [PERSONAL INSULT AND ABELIST LANGUAGE REMOVED BY ADMIN]. Thank you for making fans feel like pieces of s*** on the bottom of your showe

      1. That was supposed to say shoe. I shouldn’t write cause I always have typos. Glad I never wanted to be a writer. Lol. I really need to proofread hahahaha

    1. Your comment has been edited by an admin to remove personal insults and abelist language, which is against site policy.: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

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      I’m the owner of this “rag” and I am proud to have Farid as a contributor.

        1. Your account has been banned for repeated abuse of Geekiary posting policies.

  2. stupid keyboard. Even an a****** like you should know that should be shoe. Hope you like to explain to actors why you would insult their characters like that

  3. Ugh! That cake is truly hideous! And why do none of the characters look recognizable at all?!

    Good riddance to a once good show that has lost it’s appeal.

  4. Great article Faharid! Thanks for keeping it real, as always. As for Hoechlin or DOB being there, well, there’s been a few call-outs for stand-ins and body doubles for them so they maybe there in this form but not actually there, if you get my meaning.

    1. yeah…i’ve heard about the stand-ins and body doubles…it’s going to be a mess!!!

    1. Or perhaps you were banned because you couldn’t manage to get your point across without using horrible language?

    2. Your new account has also been banned. And so will your next account. And the one after that. Please stop wasting everyone’s time and just go troll elsewhere. We have rules here and you’ve broken 4 of them at this point.

  5. I mean teen wolfis my favorite show im going to it I wish they would make more it was fun to watch but that is my opinion

  6. Great article Farid, thanks for sharing! Besides can’t agree more with you…that said it’s still a pity since from Sterek to the rest this TW has been a waste of potential. ;-/

    1. Thanks Kikka…that’s what bothers me most about this…Jeff and co. had so much potential with Teen Wolf but they did nothing with it…but at least we got some amazing shippers out there who have created amazing content 🙂

      1. You welcome, and yep luckily the fandom is still great! <3
        Overall the series has become a mess: and probably it was naive to expect a logical development of the plot/characterization knowing how it was in the first place, but I thought that it had the chance to develop over the years…I guess I was wrong.

        Plus being a fan of Sterek I suffered doubly LOL…(it could have been iconic as Malec from Shadowhunters but never happened; what I'm still puzzled about is that the showrunner was gay, so apparently should have been way more careful and sensitive with this topic WTH?! Plus frankly I didn't like what some actors told the viewers)…Well what can I add, I say good riddance to the Jeff Davis' shows then! ;-/

        PS-I'm just sorry that TW had the big chance to go on for years without correcting its errors, whereas an important groundbreaking series (especially for LGBT rights) as Eyewitness has been axed so soon…please Farid let's try to write to some other networks to see if it can still be saved, Philkas & all the team are worth it, besides its creator wants to continue if given the chance, as the fanbase as well ;-).

  7. Great commentary as always Farid. I’m going to miss your articles.

    I’ll be watching 6B mostly because I’m a completist, and not at all for the new probably ridiculous baddie and a bunch new cast I don’t know. I also want to keep an eye on Roscoe and make sure he stays in one piece. I would be happy not to see him at all since Stiles won’t be behind the wheel, but since Scott doesn’t have a car, I guess poor Roscoe is going to have to cart a bunch of kids around.

    I don’t look forward to trying to figure out even more new cast with so few episodes to go. I don’t get that at all. They really should be tidying up the lives of the cast they already have.

    1. Thanks!!…I agree with you about the show closing previous character arcs instead of introducing new ones…I’ll definitely be sticking around to review 6B…I did 6A with another reviewer, but this time it’s all me and I’ll have full reign…I can’t wait 😉

  8. You’ve echoed my sentiments exactly. Never been gladder to see the ass end of a show, as I am this one. Aside from the troubling relationships, constant plot holes, inconsistent world building, and retconning, the most memorable thing this show will carry forward is it’s terrible LGBT representation, it’s queer-baiting, and it’s LGBT and fandom shaming.
    I am sure it’s legacy will be the subject of many a media studies course.

    1. Yup..I just hope other shows who might be thinking of going down the baiting route have learned something from TW’s fate.

  9. Great article, I agree with everything you said. This show was a lot of mindless fun the first couple of seasons, but the fandom baiting, and the cast members calling fans twisted and weird for shipping certain pairings, and the plot totally going off the rails just ruined things. It should really tell you something, just how many of the cast has jumped ship. The last three seasons just made no sense, so really, I’m ready for this show to be over, and for the rest of the cast to be free to do other, hopefully better, things.

    1. Thanks!…the show going against certain parts of the fandom is what spelled its doom…yup, let’s see what the rest of the cast ends up doing once TW ends.

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