The Legend of Korra 4×10 Review: Operation Beifong


This week’s episode of The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance was all about the Beifong family and it was awesome. I greatly enjoyed Toph and her family working together, and with only three more episodes left, I can’t wait for the finale!

‘Operation Beifong’ showed Lin, Opal and Bolin going to Zaofu to breakout Su and her family from prison. That’s where they met Toph, and Bolin acted like a total fanboy. Toph was his hero and it was great to see him trying to connect with her. Lin and Toph also worked on their mother-daughter relationship.

The legendary earth bender wasn’t the world’s best mother and that had led to the Beifong family falling apart. Though Su and Toph were able to reconcile over time, this episode showed Lin meeting her mother after twenty years. 1601026_326125434237931_6632531473910543194_nThere was also a scene where Toph mentioned Lin’s father. Growing up without a dad was one of the reasons Lin was always cold towards her mother. As the story progressed Lin was able to forgive her mother and the Beifong’s finally became a family again.

As a fan of the original series, I was expecting Katara to take an active role this season but that hasn’t happed yet. Toph mentioned that she and Katara were too old and they accepted handing down the responsibility of fighting to their kids, but I’m still hoping for a reunion. There’s still time!

There was a lot of earth bending action this week and the show reminded the audience why Toph was indeed the best earth bender ever. Lin and Su, along with her kids, tried to take down Kuvira but they were no match for her guards. The scene where Su fought one-on-one with Kuvira was exciting to look at, but Kuvira was able to beat her. If Toph hadn’t come to save them, the Beifong sisters would’ve been captured or killed by Kuvira. Am I the only one who is hoping for a Kuvira vs. Toph battle?

As far as the main story is concerned, Kuvira was able to create a weapon of mass destruction by using spirit vines. It took her so long to create one because Zhu Li had been secretly sabotaging the operation. I always knew Zhu Li was loyal to Varrick. She also told Bolin and the others that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks.

Over at Republic City, Asami and Varrick were able to create new type of Mecha machines. Their new inventions were able to fly and I’m looking forward to seeing them in battle. The President wanted them to use spirits in the coming war but Korra didn’t think it was a good idea. She did venture to the Spirit World to ask for their help but the spirits didn’t want to take part in human wars anymore. Unalaq manipulated spirits to fight for him in Book 2 and I guess they don’t want to be used again.

The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance only has three more episodes left. It’s a sad feeling to realize that a beloved TV show is coming to end but nevertheless I’m excited to see the finale.

Best Bending Award: The whole Beifong family deserves the award this week with a special shout-out to Toph for taking out a small army in one move.

Did you watch this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance? What did you think of Operation Beifong? Let us know.

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