Misty and Brock “Trainer Battle Decks” to Be Released in January 2019

Misty Trainer Battle Deck TCG 2019 Pokemon

Misty and Brock from the Pokemon franchise are getting some much-needed love. The Misty and Brock ‘Trainer Battle Decks’ will be released in Japan on January 25, 2019. Depending on the deck you get, you will be able to use Starmie-GX, Onix-GX as well as special Stadium and Supporter cards.

Misty is my favorite Pokemon character and I’m so happy she is getting a new deck for fans to enjoy. Judging from the promo material, the upcoming Trainer Battle Decks have been created to show how powerful Misty and Brock are as Gym Leaders. Those unique Stadium cards are amazing!

Starting with Brock’s deck, the main card is Onix-GX. It has 200 HP and attacks which use Fighting and Colorless energy cards. I like the GX move. which serves as both an offense and a defense. Pairing it up with Brock’s Pewter City Gym Stadium card is going to make Onix-GX very tough to beat if you aren’t factoring in the Grass-type Weakness.

As for Misty’s deck, her main card is Starmie-GX, which has 190 HP and evolves from a Staryu. Misty’s Trainer Battle Deck is about accelerating the attachment of Water-type energy for powerful attacks. Starmie-GX uses Water and Colorless energy cards to take control of the battlefield. Your opponent will need to knock it out as soon as possible to prevent amping the GX move, which can do incredible damage. Pair Starmie-GX with Misty’s Cerulean City Gym Stadium card and you have a powerhouse on your hands!

Here’s my breakdown of the decks!

I can’t wait to get my hands on both of them, especially Misty’s. The two characters are currently guest-starring in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. They also guest-starred for a couple of episodes back in 2017.

The recent ‘Alola in Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!!’ episode brought back so many memories. I hope Misty and Brock decide to stick around a bit longer. Fingers crossed we get to see them teach Z-moves to their Pokemon.

Here’s my review!

The upcoming decks will include a storage box, sleeves, damage counters, and coin.

Are you excited about the Misty and Brock ‘Trainer Battle Decks’? Let us know.

(via PokeBeach)

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