Wandee Goodday 1×06 Review: Episode 6

Oh, no, they’re idiots, your honor. If you ever wanted to know how someone could be so smart but also so stupid, please watch this episode of Wandee Goodday. It’s a perfect example of two guys who are in complete denial of the fact that they are obviously dating.

I mentioned last week that I needed to reassess my opinion of who would catch feelings first. I thought it was apparent from the start that Yak was at least somewhat aware of how he felt, but now I think he’s just practicing willful ignorance. Meanwhile, Dee spends this entire episode actively trying to figure out how he feels. He seems to know that what they have is not really fake dating or even friends with benefits, but with Yak continuing to throw out mixed signals, you can’t blame Dee for not wanting to admit it yet.

Just look at Dee all throughout this episode. I even tweeted “is that a realization face?” because there is no way Dee sat there, thinking about the way he and Yak act with each other, and didn’t recognize those feelings for what they are. Then again, maybe he didn’t. Because for the past eight years, he thought of himself in love with Ter, and those were very different feelings and very different behaviors.

With Ter, his feelings were not openly reciprocated, but Ter was clearly aware of how he felt. Ter let himself be wooed without doing anything to discourage Dee’s little gifts or acts of service. And given how he tries to use Dee’s feelings for him to manipulate him – such as into giving up the scholarship – it stands to reason that isn’t the first time he may have done something like that. I think with Ter, it’s still a bit of hero worship. And I appreciate that now that Dee’s eyes have been opened, he’s reevaluating their previous interactions and recognizing them for what they are.

On the other hand, with Yak, he says that he is more comfortable and that he feels like he can be himself. They do silly things like flicking toothpaste on the bathroom mirror or getting in a flour fight while baking. I highly doubt that Ter is the kind of person who would engage in that kind of behavior, but Dee clearly is, and he needs to be with someone who matches that energy.

I mean, seriously. Watch this episode with a magnifying glass and try to spot the “fake” in their fake dating. You won’t find it. These idiots are just regular dating. But they don’t seem to know it.

Shall we talk about it? Dee staring forlornly at a single wine glass or the boxing elephant pants drying on the balcony. (Also, I thought when he showed up wearing them that he was wearing Yak’s. But no, these idiots have matching pants.) Yak immediately pulling Dee into a stairwell to shower him with sniff kisses, having gone to see him literally the second he got back from his training camp. Do these two even remember that the fake dating is for the benefit of the hospital employees?

And then – and then – these two go on an actual date all throughout the city, taking family pictures with Yak’s brother and his boyfriend. There is hand holding and romantic rooftop moments.

Arguing over who admitted to missing the other first is not something you do when you’re in a fake relationship. Driving two hours just to see someone when you can’t even stay overnight is not something you do when you’re in a fake relationship. Kissing someone on the forehead after you woke them up to eat the breakfast you made for them is – all together now – not something you do when you’re in a fake relationship. So please please please, can these two wake up and admit that they’re actually in a relationship?

Let’s talk for a bit about Ter, who continues to be a walking red flag. In the meeting with their boss, he agrees on Dee’s behalf without letting Dee speak for himself. And later, he admits that he postponed their return flights by two days so that they could spend time together in Tokyo. This is probably the creepiest thing that he’s done. And while Dee at least acknowledges that Ter didn’t let him speak, he doesn’t seem to be at all appalled by the delayed flights, which I feel is the bigger issue.

However much I want to punch Ter in the face – and it’s a lot – I must admit that he is being accurately portrayed. A lot of guys like this are incredibly charming. That’s why their manipulation works so well. “Oh, I just wanted to spend time with you, that’s why I changed your flight without talking to you because I’m sure spending time with me is more important than anything you would have been doing in those two days.” I’m very much waiting for this dude to get his comeuppance.

And we’re finally getting Yei and Cher away from the gym! I still think last week’s scene where Cher worries that Yei is cheating on him felt out of place. Given virtually every scene that they had in today’s episode, these two are as annoyingly in love as ever. Yei is so proud of Cher running the gym in his absence, even if it meant that he couldn’t sneak away to see Yei the way Dee came to see Yak. And I love that we got a bit of backstory for them.

Finally, someone on this show gets kissed! We’re already halfway through, for real. I loved their intimate scene, but I also thought it was weird that they intercut it with Yak and Dee. (Especially because Yak was wearing the necklace, and Dee hasn’t taken it off since Yak gave it to him.) Not sure what the purpose of that was, particularly since there wasn’t any buildup to the Yak/Dee scene. They were just there.

Also, whoever in the fandom predicted that Yei had to go to some shady characters for a loan seems to have been correct. When Yei and Cher are on their date through the city, they come across some guys threatening a shop owner, and Yei quickly turns them around and gets them out of the area. Dollars to donuts these are the same guys Yei currently owes money to, and he doesn’t want Cher to find out. Given the backstory we finally got, and how involved Cher has been with the gym since the beginning, I’m sure he won’t be happy about being kept in the dark.

As much as I love Kao being a little chaos gremlin, please give him something to do other than move the plot forward. Although I do appreciate that at least someone on this show has a brain.

I’m going to be on pins and needles after that promo for next week’s episode. Is Dee finally going to break his no kissing rule?

Author: Jamie Sugah

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