Action-Adventure Island Sim “Len’s Island” Gets Major Frozen Lands Update

Len's Island Frozen Lands
Len’s Island “The Frozen Lands” Update (Image: PR/Flow Studio)

The action-adventure island simulation game Len’s Island just received a major update. The Frozen Lands expansion brings new areas for players to explore while facing off against powerful enemies.

I talked about Len’s Island back in September of 2021. Since then the game has changed a lot, with the dev team listening to constructive criticism and releasing new content to keep the playerbase engaged. The latest Frozen Lands expansion is said to be the second-to-last expansion before the game hits full launch.

The update offers players the opportunity to explore new biomes including the cherry blossom islands, arctic fortresses, and frozen caves linked to a vast underground network. There’s a bustling arctic town for players to visit and gain access to unique resources and armor sets to trade. There are also new snow animals to hunt, tamable red pandas, and numerous quests to complete.

The update also includes four new dungeon entrances. However, each dungeon is guarded by enemy strongholds. To help face such enemies, a new katana sword has been introduced. Weapons and tools can be upgraded to the powerful Damascus steel tier.

The enchanting system has been improved as well if you want to gain special abilities. The enchantments can be fused to weapons, tools, and armor (a new addition). Items can be enchanted twice.

The armor sets include the Winter Fur Set, Samurai Armor, and the Oni Demon Armor. Each set is accompanied by a special ability.

The unique resources in the new biomes include cotton and bamboo. The new loom machine can be used to refine said resources after being harvested. Cotton can be turned into cloth.

Here’s the action-packed trailer!

I continue to like the overall art style and how the game keeps improving the architectural options for players to customize their base. 

The Frozen Lands update for Len’s Island is available right now on Steam Early Access. The game will launch in 1.0 later this year. A co-op multiplayer mode will also be added down the line.

Take note; this will be the last week and sale before the game changes price to its full launch pricing. So, if you want to play Len’s Island at a discount, now’s your chance.

As for Flow Studio, (based in Brisbane, Australia) it launched with only two full-time developers, Julian Ball and Martin Tapia-Vergara. Part-time help was offered by Lars Erik Fjøsne and Ivan Luiz for areas such as music composing and graphics programming.

The studio has grown over the years, and it’s currently comprised of five developers.

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