“Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt” Revealed by Villainous Games Studio!

Harvest Hunt Game 2023
Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt (Image: PR/Villainous Games Studio)

Villainous Games Studio has announced its new horror survival game Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt. A demo will be made available during Steam Next Fest come June 19, 2023.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt has been described as a single-player stealth survival horror indie game. The rogue-lite elements are meant to offer tremendous replayability. Set in the Farmlands of Luna Nova, you will play as an appointed Warden who has been tasked with collecting precious ambrosia while making your way through a sinister, nonlinear environment. Strategy is prioritized if you wish to face and survive the threat called the Devourer. 

The hunt during each night will be different. That’s why players are expected to adapt quickly. Before the hunt begins, you will decide how much health you will sacrifice to gain advantageous tools (this does sound like an interesting game mechanic).

With the moon rising each night, cards will be drawn to determine the Wardens’ fate. Depending on which cards are drawn, your character will get to experience certain abilities, luck, and modifiers to affect the Devourer and the environment. 

There seem to be three types of Card Decks – Strengths, Fortifications, and Tools. Some examples of the ‘Strengths’ cards include being able to increase the range of throwable tools and slowly regenerating your Vigor while crouching. The ‘Fortifications’ card includes the ability to enter new structures to make the Devourer lose track of your character. 

Each hunt is supposed to last for 10-15 minutes. The narrative involves getting to know a cast of characters to learn more about the curse that has befallen Luna Nova.

Judging by the trailer, I do like the hand-drawn environments. There’s a weird cartoon-horror vibe to the setting.

The score has been composed by Jeff Broadbent (Resident Evil, Assasin’s Creed).

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is looking at a 2023 release date on PC. As mentioned, you can try the demo once it is released during Steam Next Fest on June 19, 2023. You can go ahead and Wishlist the title right now on Steam.

As for the Villainous Games Studio, it focuses on horror games. This indie studio is behind the Horror Stories anthology which includes Please Comply, Harvest Hunt, and Welcome Home. They also host the Level Design Podcast, which shares insights with gaming enthusiasts and interviews industry veterans. 

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