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  • I Binge-Watched “The Fall” and You Should Too

    I’m not going to lie to you guys. I am incredibly shallow. I watch TV shows and movies for cute boys. The only reason I wanted to watch the BBC crime drama The Fall was because I found out Colin Morgan was going to be on it. In fact, I don’t even remember if I had […]

  • Happily Ever After, a Review of “Myth & Magic: Queer Fairy Tales”

    “Happily ever after” has always been a bit of a misnomer. After all, it isn’t possible that everyone can live happily ever after. And those happily ever afters were always a bit restrictive anyway, implying that only a certain type of people were allowed to have one. In Myth & Magic: Queer Fairy Tales, editors Radclyffe and […]

  • What’s Your Sign? A Review of “Zodiac” by Romina Russell

    It’s a commonly reoccurring theme in young adult literature — a teenaged girl discovers she is somehow special and must embark on a harrowing journey to save the known world. In the case of Rhoma Grace, the heroine in Romina Russell’s action-packed new book Zodiac (available today from Razorbill), it is up to her — and […]