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  • Grayson #5 Review – We All Die at Dawn

    Issue 5 finds Dick, Helena and Midnighter with a woman about to give birth in a helicopter that is in the process of hurtling to the ground. Talk about excitement! Grayson has been trying to stop Paragon from using body parts from a villain for his own nefarious plans. The baby being born has the […]

  • Dear Geekiary – Supernatural: Women in Season 10

    Hi! I saw your tweet today and just felt compelled to write something. This is not a question though but an opinion. I hope it’s okay! I’ve noticed some views about season 10 from fans that somewhat bother me. Every time there’s an important female character appearing in an episode this season, some people are […]

  • Tart: A Female Time-Traveling Demon Hunter Comic

    What does the supernatural hunting/time traveling world need more of? Women heroes! A number of months ago, I was recommended the indie comic Tart written by Kevin Joseph and drawn by Ludovic Sallé. As a red-headed Supernatural TV Show and comic book fangirl, I was definitely interested in giving it a read. I bought the […]

  • Ryan Reynolds Signs on for Deadpool

    After X-Men Origins: Wolverine with a Wade Wilson who, in my opinion, did not accurately represent Deadpool at all, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. But after seeing the Deadpool Leaked Test Footage, I knew Reynolds could do justice to the character. It was unfair to judge the actor on […]

  • Grayson – Life after Nightwing

    As a life-long Dick Grayson fan, I was very disappointed to hear that DC may finally kill him off. Let’s just say, when DC “killed” Batman, I quit comics for several years. DC redeemed themselves in my eyes with the introduction of the New 52, and restarting the Nightwing comic. I was ready to jump […]