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  • Chance the Darkness With Paranormal Writer L.A. Wild

    Today we have author L.A. Wild with us. She’s the writer of the paranormal book “Chance the Darkness” which is Book One in “The Dark Series”. Check out our exclusive interview where we get to know more about the author, her engaging book, and upcoming projects!   Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew […]

  • An End to Phase Two: Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Teaser Trailer

    Marvel Studios announced their Phase Three film line up back in October, but we still have the rest of Phase Two, culminating with Marvel’s Ant-Man (set to be released July 17, 2015). With all the well-documented problems surrounding Ant-Man, no one has seemed too keen on this film, which has been kicking around longer than […]

  • Top Anime of 2014; A Year in Review

    So with 2014 at last at an end, it’s time to look back at all the great and not so great anime of the year. 2014 felt strangely like the end of an era. The Naruto manga came to a close, and for many of us, the big three, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, were […]

  • Misha Collins Wins a PCA: Fandom Explodes

      There were a lot of winners at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, but the win that caused the most stir in this corner of the Internet was for SciFi/Fantasy TV Actor.  The award went to Misha Collins, who was initially a write-in candidate for this year’s awards.  Collins plays the angel Castiel […]

  • Munchkin Panic: An Amusing & Whimsical Tabletop Game

    In recent months, several of my friends have extolled the virtues of Munchkin, but I hadn’t yet had time to play it. Even though I’d never even heard of Castle Panic, when I was offered a copy of Munchkin Panic I couldn’t turn it down. The premise of Munchkin Panic sounded interesting based on what […]

  • Meet YA Sci-Fi writer A.C. Waltower!

    Today I have author A.C. Waltower with me. She’s the writer of the young adult sci-fi novel “Hydro”, which is Book 1 in her Aurelia series. Check out our exclusive interview, where we get to know more about the author, her current book series, and more!   Tell us a bit about yourself. I am […]

  • Get To Know Gay Romance Writer Aeryn Jaden!

    Today I have author Aeryn Jaden with me. She writes gay romance stories which I know a lot of you will find interesting to read. Check out our exclusive interview with the author where we talk about her work, what makes a good writer, and more!   Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m 28 […]