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  • The Walking Dead 4×04 Review: Indifference

    The first thing that comes to mind in regards to tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead is “I was not expecting that.” The opening scene, which switched back and forth between Rick preparing for his run with Carol and Carol herself giving a sort of zombie apocalypse pep talk to Lizzie, seemed to immediately belie the episode title ‘Indifference’. Though […]

  • POLL: No Shave November – Who Rocks Facial Hair The Best?

    It’s No Shave November (aka Movember) so it’s time to celebrate our favorite scruffy characters from Television!  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bearded and mustached characters.  This list has 44 whiskered men and one fabulous lady.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Movember is a charity event meant to raise awareness about […]

  • Elementary 2×06 Review: An Unnatural Arrangement

    The overarching theme of the episode was partnership, which led to many beautiful moments highlighting the importance of Joan and Sherlock in each others lives. Their friendship is truly something special – an episode never goes by without driving that point home. This week’s episode was especially poignant as it compared and contrasted it to […]

  • POLL: Trans* Representation

    When we held our Favorite Canon Queer Couple poll last month, it sparked some conversation about the oft-overlooked T in LGBT. While we’ve made some good headway into representation for gay men and women in popular television, the trans* characters tend to be few, far between, and written by cisgender showrunners who might not fully […]

  • The Legend of Korra Book 2 x 9 Review: The Guide

    The Legend of Korra Book 2 returned this week and it kept up the pace it had from the two-part episode where we were treated to the amazing story of the very first avatar. This week the story focuses on accepting what a person can and can’t do, along with some major character development. It […]

  • The Tomorrow People – Episode 4 Review

    The fourth episode of The Tomorrow People seems to want to pull back from the plot lines set up in episode three, but luckily the distraction is so entertaining that you’ll barely notice. I was really looking forward to seeing the results of last week’s events, especially the new tension between Stephen and his friend […]

  • Veronica Mars Featurette: Ships Ahoy!

      We finally got another look at the much anticipated – and famously fan-funded – Veronica Mars Movie and this time it’s got a bit of a controversial twist. Well I guess it’s not all that controversial unless you’re a fan, but pushing a love triangle is always a risky move where fandom is concerned. […]

  • Review of Supernatural 9×04, “Slumber Party”

    After all of the drama of last week’s episode, it was a relief to be treated to such an enjoyable story as “Slumber Party.” No major controversies or soul-crushing moments (sad, yes, but nothing that one couldn’t get off the floor from); just a fun adventure to get lost in for an hour, with an […]

  • The Walking Dead 4 x 03 Review: Isolated

    Last week we saw the survivors facing a new threat coming from inside the prison. An unknown virus started to infect people, make them cough blood, and killed them; which then made them come back as zombies. The main mystery last episode left us with was about who killed Karen and David, the only two […]