Fox Doesn’t Want People To Know The Bad Reaction To Deadpool 2 Screening?

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Deadpool 2 screening reaction

Have you been waiting for the release of Deadpool 2? Are you hoping for it to be as enjoyable, if not more, than the first film? Well, if a certain someone is to be believed, it seems the upcoming Deadpool sequel is bad and Fox doesn’t want anyone knowing about it.

The tweet talking about the bad reaction to the recent Deadpool 2 screening was made by Jeremy Conrad. According to him, the sequel is “about half an hour longer. Vanessa is wasted. Credit scenes are the best part of the whole thing.”

Not only did his tweets make the online fandom begin speculating if what Jeremy said was true, but Fox also came in threatening legal action.

Deadpool 2 screening tweet Fox NDA

Now, I get that there are fans who think the tweet was a poor attempt by Jeremy to start a smear campaign. However, I think there’s truth to what he shared especially because of the Deadpool 2 reshoots occurring a few weeks before the announced release date.

I don’t know what, but there’s something happening over at Fox and X-Men film properties. The New Mutants screening not only delayed its release but also led to massive reshoots. And now we have the current Deadpool 2 situation. Here’s to hoping X-Men: Dark Phoenix has a better fate.

deadpool 2 screening dark Phoenix

I guess all of this might give Star Wars fans some hope. Maybe now Solo will have a better chance at the box office against DP 2?

For a part of the fandom, hearing that the upcoming sequel is facing trouble wasn’t surprising. Many thought Ryan Reynolds made a big mistake booting director Tim Miller off DP 2.

Let’s see how Deadpool 2 fares when it’s released in the US on May 18, 2018, and if the reshoots will do it any good. I still remember how they didn’t do much for Justice League.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the Deadpool 2 screening reaction with us. Do you think Fox will delay the film’s release?

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2 thoughts on “Fox Doesn’t Want People To Know The Bad Reaction To Deadpool 2 Screening?

  1. There’s no excuse for abusing a person online. I do hate when people judge movies this early, though. Hopefully D2 does okay.

    1. Yup, I hope so too. The world needs a good DP2, a different kind of superhero/comicbook film ^^

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