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The thing I’d been dreading but also looking forward to finally occurred this week. Hit the Floor season 3 aired the finale, titled ‘Possession’, and I want season 4 to start airing already. Don’t leave me hanging!

The first thing I’m going to talk about is Ahsha because the whole season has been throwing hints about her changing. She found herself in a dangerous world when she joined the Devil Girls and right now there’s no turning back for her. She has adapted, for better or worse, and I’m excited to see where her character goes next season. I loved her interaction with Jelena in ‘Possession’. Ahsha came to threaten her, but the whole thing turned into Jelena making her realize what kind of a woman she had become. She wasn’t the Ahsha her family knew anymore. Even German told her she had changed. It would be fun if Ahsha ends up being the big bad when the show goes into its final season. I love it when writers take characters to dark places. Trying to keep everyone a goody-two-shoe doesn’t seem believable, even if it is supposed to be fictional.

We also got to know about Mandi. I was worried about Ahsha, especially after seeing the exclusive clip for the finale. But all turned out to be fine when Mandi was revealed to be Derek’s jeweler and she wanted to deliver an engagement ring. The proposal scene was nice. At first I thought Jelena had deliberately messed up the routine by changing the choreography in order to embarrass Ahsha. But it was Derek’s idea to propose in such a manner.

Even though Raquel died, she did one last thing to clear German’s name. It was a very Raquel thing to do. She was one of the most kind-hearted characters on the show. I don’t know if German will return next season or if he is gone for good. With the way things ended in ‘Possession’, I’m not sure if the whole cast will be present next season. It’s so frustrating but exciting at the same time. Who will survive?

Jelena had a lot to do in ‘Possession’. She was on the roll this week. She had confessed about her biggest fear of being alone and that’s exactly what happened even though she finally got the power she wanted. The moment she went after Oscar I knew her life was in danger. She also made enemies with a lot of the other characters. While some of you might not have liked her breaking off her engagement with Terrence, it made sense to me. When Terrence said that he loved Jelena but he didn’t trust her, I knew it was over. It was the right thing for Jelena to do. You can’t blame Terrence for not trusting Jelena, but a relationship with no trust isn’t a relationship to begin with. More power to you, Jelena!

Now let’s talk about Zude. I was worried about Jude and Zero with ‘Possession’ being the finale and things getting messed up left and right for everyone. However, even though they encountered an obstacle, I know they’ll find a way to work through it going into the next season. James LaRosa also sent out a tweet, so you know it is all going to be fine for Zude even though they will keep facing troubles.

James LaRosa Zude tweet Hit the Floor Possession


Zero finally found his sister, Laura. She was living a good life, and while he thought about calling her, he changed his mind after a reporter started to ask him questions. The reporter in question was played by James LaRosa himself. And yes, James LaRosa is a very good-looking man. And yes, he should start appearing in more scenes.

I like how we got to see Zero’s true self as the season continued. He’s more open about his feelings now and that makes him a very likeable character. Though he decided not to contact his sister because he didn’t want the media going after her and making her relieve their tragic past, he did make Jude an offer. The moment he reached into his pocket I thought he was going to ask Jude to marry him. While I would’ve loved to see that to happen, I thank the heavens it didn’t because I would’ve died because of all the feels and you all wouldn’t have had a chance to read this review.

Instead of a ring, Zero presented a key to Jude. He had bought his foster family’s old house and wanted to renovate it so they both could live there. Yes, to all of that! Move into a new house! Get some pets! Get married! Adopt kids! Yes!

But their happiness was short lived because with Jelena being in charge of the Devils, it meant she was going to trade Zero. She went for the kill and told him he was off the team. It wouldn’t have mattered that much if Jude didn’t care for Lionel the way he did. Jude’s unable to leave with Zero because he’s still loyal to Lionel. However, I have faith in those two just like James LaRosa.

So before I end this review, let’s go over the suspect list regarding who shot Jelena at the end. Pete and Lionel are not on the list because they’re both trapped in a garage that’s filling up with carbon monoxide. Will they survive? Who knows!

Ahsha: The whole season has been about Ahsha changing as a character and becoming similar to Jelena. With Terrence warning her about Jelena coming to destroy her and Derek, it is possible Ahsha shot her. She was present in Pete’s office where he kept Sloane’s gun.

Terrence: While Jelena did what she could to preserve her relationship with Terrence, the fact that he didn’t trust her was a deal breaker. She didn’t even make him an equal partner when she took control of the Devils. Terrence’s going through a lot of emotions right now and he might have been the one to shoot her. He was also present in Pete’s office where Sloane’s gun was.

Oscar: He’s already angry at a lot of people and Jelena obtained the top spot on his hate list the moment she took all control away from him. He might be the one who shot her. But would Oscar do the dirty work himself? Don’t you think he must’ve have hired someone else to do it for him? There’s also the possibility of him using Sloane’s gun to shoot Jelena in order to frame her.

Sloane: Maybe Sloane shot Jelena in ‘Possession’ because a) she took control of the Devils and b) she had pushed her out and made it clear she was going after Ahsha next. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a mother do whatever possible to save her child.

Zude: Nope! Just a big nope! Those two are schemers but they’re definitely not murderers. I know Zero’s angry at Jelena but I don’t think he would risk the life he has with Jude just to get revenge. The same goes for Jude as well.

James LaRosa: The fact that I want him to appear more on this show does make me think that he might have shot Jelena. I mean it is Hit the Floor. Anything can happen!

Who do you think shot Jelena? It has to someone we know, right?

Quote of the Week: “Payback’s a bitch. Bitch!” – Jelena to Zero.

What did you think about the season 3 finale of Hit the Floor? Did ‘Possession’ make you look forward to next season? Will Jelena survive? Let us know!

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9 thoughts on “Hit the Floor 3×10 Review: Possession

  1. It would be cool if sloane or Asha did it. I’d be upset if Terrance did it. And it really doesn’t make sense for anyone else to have done it but those 3. Others have reasons but not good enough.

    1. Yeah I’m leaning towards Sloane or Ahsha as well…would make for interesting character arcs for them. Terrence doing it would just feel sad…let’s see what S4 has in store for us ^^

  2. Ahsha is not a killer – she fights in other ways.Terrence said Jelena would go after Derek to hurt Ahsha and would destroy him to do it because she knows all of his secrets. Jelena needs Derek and would get more joy from harassing Ahsha. Even though she is not a “good” girl she is a good person. I think Terrence or Oscar did it or had someone else do it.

  3. Love the review. Oscar seems a good candidate (he has nothing left to lose and was furious at Jelena,) but I can’t get the idea that it’s German out of my head. I can’t remember if he knows about the proposal, but he’s lost Asha, he’s been tearing himself up with guilt over Olivia all season, and I could see Raquel taking the blame for him making it even worse. I just feel like German probably feels like he doesn’t deserve to walk free and decides to “make things right” by going back to jail and does so by getting rid of the woman who made Asha’s life a nightmare (and wasn’t he the one who found the gun in Pete’s drawer?)

    1. I did want to add German to the suspect list but I decided against it. The poor guy needs to catch a break…Sigh! And making German kill again would feel weird. Make someone else the bad guy for S4 :)…yeah he did find the gun in Pete’s desk but I remember LaRosa tweeting about him probably not picking it up and only having Olivia’s death program (or something similar) in hand when he came to police station. But yeah, it’s Hit the Floor. Anything can happen ^^

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