Hit the Floor 3×11 Summer Special Review: Till Death Do Us Part

Hit the Floor Special Till Death Do Us Part

The Hit the Floor Summer Special titled ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ finally aired this week! Even though the fate of a season 4 is still unknown, the special was still enjoyable!

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ picked up right where we left Jelena during the season 3 finale. Sloane saw Jelena on the floor and called an ambulance. Jude also entered the room. The first minute of the special was quite exciting as Jelena was being taken to the hospital. Also, Raquel appeared! I wasn’t expecting that to happen!

Jelena’s shooting led to Detective De Sario (Esai Morales) questioning Ahsha, Sloane, Jude, and Zero about their whereabouts that night. I liked the whole scene. No one was giving the detective much to work with. Zero also went on to say that he was sorry that whoever shot Jelena wasn’t good at it. De Sario also interrogated German but that scene didn’t make the final cut. If the show returns for a season 4, I could see the detective still digging into who shot Jelena.

Though I liked De Sario, he could’ve at least allowed Jude and Zero to hug each other in the hospital scene. I felt that they were going to hug but the detective stopped them because he wanted questions answered. Let them hug, damn it!

I also liked how Derek was looking out for Ahsha and their future together. After deciding to have a proper wedding, he talked to Jelena about leaving the team. I understood where he was coming from. Even though Jelena hadn’t fought with Derek in the past, he wasn’t going to let Ahsha be harmed. But Jelena, being a cold-hearted antagonist, stopped Derek from moving to Miami with Ahsha. I loved the scene where Ahsha slapped her for that. I was perfect!

Derek’s bachelor party dance number was very well done. Ahsha popping out of that fake cake and looking that hot should be a crime.

There were a lot of sweet scenes sprinkled all over ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. Ahsha and Sloane shared a scene where she told her mother about how proud she was to have her in her life. Pete and Sloane also shared a sweet little dance. Derek and Ahsha’s entire wedding looked spectacular and their vows were truly emotional.

Even though the two characters have faced ups and downs, they helped each other get right back up. If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews you would know that I’m not exactly a fan of the Dersha (Derek and Ahsha) pairing. With all that Ahsha’s been through, I wanted her to take some alone time. However, after seeing them get wed I think those two might do each other some good moving forward.

So, who shot JHit the Floor Till Death Do Us Part Specialelena? Well, it turns out it was Sloane. While putting Oscar’s stuff in a box, Jelena discovered hidden cameras. The recording she found showed Sloane shooting her. Though Jelena confronted her about it I could see it in her face that she understood why Sloane did such a thing. Everyone hates Jelena and Sloane, being Ahsha’s mother, wasn’t going to let her continue to harm her daughter. She did let Sloane off the hook but she might change her mind if the story progresses. Detective De Sario might figure out that Sloane shot Jelena and have her face the consequences. Truth be told, I’m more interested in knowing what other video recordings Jelena was able to see.

Coming to Zude, due to Jelena getting shot she wasn’t able to transfer Zero. So, the pairing remains safe for now. We got a steamy Zude shower scene which felt like heaven! It should never have ended.

I also liked the scene where Zero was nuzzling Jude while he talked about the renovations for Zero’s old house. Jude also mentioned having a baby. I’m not sure yet but I think those two planning to have a baby is something that might come up in season 4. A Zude wedding and a baby needs to happen. The show can’t end without giving that to its fans. Have mercy, VH1! Have mercy!

Hit the Floor Till Death Do Us Part‘Till Death Do Us Part’ also focused a bit on making Jude look like the culprit. There was a whole scene where Jude noticed what looked like blood stains on his shirt, and Zero saw it too. De Sario was already playing with Zero’s head about Jude being the one who shot Jelena because of being Oscar’s son. I liked how Zero stood up for his man but at the same time he had his suspicions. He knew Jude would do anything for him and he came up with a story to tell the police in order to save Jude. Though Jude wasn’t the one who shot Jelena, these scenes helped further strengthen Zude.

In the end, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ left the characters quite happy. Ahsha and Derek flew off to Miami (I was sure the plane was going to explode but it didn’t), Sloane wasn’t going to jail, Kyle became captain of the Devil Girls, and Zero became captain of the team with Jude as the EVP. Jelena still owns the team and she made it clear that even though Zero and Jude could end up becoming the Kings of L.A. she was still Queen. I loved it! You can’t keep Jelena down!

If Hit the Floor does return for a fourth season here are some things I can see happening:

  • Jelena trying to figure out life as she tries to take care of Raquel’s son, Miguel.
  • Terrence coming after Jelena for some sort of revenge but reconciling and adopting Miguel together.
  • Kyle continuing to be awesome. The scene where she threw away the bouquet was hilarious.
  • Jude and Zero moving into the renovated house and dealing with Zero’s new found fame as captain of the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zero’s past came back to haunt him.
  • Oscar doing everything in his power to bring Jelena down. He did tell Lionel he would’ve shot Jelena that night if someone else hadn’t got to her first. Speaking of Lionel, I wonder what she’ll be doing.
  • Jelena finding a whole lot of secrets because of the camera recordings she found.
  • We might even see a time skip occur.

Quote of the Week: “I’m a badass for taking a bullet from an unknown shooter. God forbid someone find out I was shot by some menopausal harpy.” – Jelena to Sloane.

Did you watch Hit the Floor Summer Special ‘Till Death Do Us Part’? What did you think of it? Are you taking part in #Thongs4HTF4? Let us know!


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4 thoughts on “Hit the Floor 3×11 Summer Special Review: Till Death Do Us Part

  1. Fun episode – it reminded me how much I love this show! If it does end up being the series finale, it was a good one. But of course, I hope it gets a fourth season. Kinda heartbreaking that neither Kyle nor Jelena seemed able to make Miguel feel like anything but a burden, although Jelena thawed a bit at the end at least. Since being a dad was one of the things Terence really wanted when he was engaged to Jelena, maybe he can adopt Miguel even if Terence/Jelena don’t end up together.

    Ahsha was a beautiful bride (but I still wish she wasn’t marrying Derek). And I loved Pete/Sloane and their dance. I’m curious to see when/if/how Jelena uses what she knows against Sloane – or if she eventually uses it to get Pete or Ahsha or even Derek to do something for her.

    Jude and Zero were fantastic. Loved that scene when they were talking about the house renovations. Also loved how Zero was all set to protect Jude when he thought Jude was guilty.

    Please, make there be a S4!

    1. Yeah, looking forward to the whole Jelena/Terrence and Miguel dynamic for S4 if it happens…I do think, Jelena being Jelena will make Sloane do something as the story progresses, and you’re right she might even make Derek, Ahsha or Pete to do something cos they would want to protect Sloane.

      Zude was everything in this episode!!! I wanted more!!!

  2. To the writers of Hit the Floor, ” Please, Please do not let Derek and Ahsha plane crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Please don’t, they are the power couple. Don’t let nothing happen other than the contract in Miami cancels and they have to return back to the Devils Arena!!!! Remember, All Ahsha ever wanted to be was a Devil Girl!!!!!! I can’t help but think that Hit the Floor, Til death do us part, is meant for something to happen on the plane and Derek dies and leave Ahsha having to return back home alone. Please don’t let that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep Derek and Ahsha on the show. Don’t injure him!!!! Just find another script.

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