iZombie 2×16 Review: Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

If there is one thing to say about “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”, it would be: so many zombies! People were turning into zombies, people were turning back into humans–it was a crazy ride.

After the masterpiece of last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see such another quality episode again right away, and one with just as much information spilled. Sure, this week’s was promoted as a somewhat fluffy filler episode, but it was actually pretty intense for our main characters. Let’s break it down.

First, how many humans were turned into zombies in this episode? A lot. We discovered the result from Rita’s attack last week; she is indeed a zombie. (And now kidnapped, probably by her father for Max Rager research purpses.) Don E was made into a zombie by Chief after requesting that he do so to work on continuing the drug business. And Major reverted back (sorry, Major, but you are going to have to go back on the zombie diet–luckily it is high protein). The most successful storyline of this episode, though, was Blaine’s.

Pour Some Sugar Zombie
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I was wondering how they would continue to fit Blaine into the series, what with all the back and forth with him being a zombie, then not, then reverting back. As it turns out, Ravi’s untested cure worked–a little too well. It appears that Blaine has completely lost time and can’t remember anything after being turned the first time. I actually felt really sorry for him, and he seemed genuinely confused about what was going on. Kudos to David Anders for playing that so well because we know that pre-zombie Blaine was not a good guy at all, but to have us actually feel sad for him is a testament to the acting in those scenes. And seriously, good writing there, too, because I did not expect that to happen!

Now that Major is a zombie again, I feel like I can firmly put him back in my “like” camp. For so long I disliked the relationship that he and Liv had, but he has really come into his own in the latter part of this season. The scene with Major, Ravi, Liv, and Peyton together, enjoying some beers and laughs, was one of the most natural and happy scenes of this series. I think that both Rose McIver and Robert Buckley are on the same page at playing the relationship; they clearly have a history with a lot of intimacy, but their lives are just crazy, and friendship is really the best fit for them at this point. But I would be cool if Ravi and Peyton got back together.

One thing that the past few episodes of this season has been lacking are really great scenes between Clive and Liv. I think we have gotten some nice procedural scenes, but not really anything special like we have had prior. I am still gunning for Clive to find out Liv’s zombie secret before the end of the season, and I do think that it will impact the overall dynamic of the cast. Perhaps that is why they have been putting off the inevitable. Don’t misunderstand, I love Clive–I just wish they used him more in the friendship dynamic too instead of just the co-worker.

I feel like I have been giving out acting awards this entire review, but I need to give one more out to Rahul Kohli who knocked it out of the park this episode. Ravi is one of those characters that will live on forever in the hearts of iZombie fans (mushy, but true) because he is just so great. He is the perfect blend of comedy, emotion, and British. Those scenes toward the end of the episode where he was trying to uncover Major’s secret was heartbreaking; he really sells that friendship. And the disappointment was palpable when Ravi finally confronted Major. I do hope that he gives Major a chance to explain himself, though, because I do believe that Major thinks he is doing the right thing. There is still time to salvage this bromance!

Here’s the thing: this show has a main character, Liv. And I love Liv (and she was totally fun on stripper brain). But what really makes this show special is the absolutely talented and natural ensemble that rounds out the main cast. I am fully invested in every single one of them, and even with the supernatural element of the show, the best parts are those relationships.

What do you think will happen before the season finale? Will Ravi and Major get their bromance back together, or is it over? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Erin

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