iZombie 3×11 Review: Conspiracy Weary

iZombie Conspiracy Weary

It is getting down to the wire on season three of iZombie simply based on the number of absolute bombshells (literally) scattered throughout “Conspiracy Weary”. We are definitely gearing up for the two-part season finale, and I am going to need some time to process everything.

There were so many great moments in this episode, and the seeming cluster of random storylines are finally starting to come together for that amazing payoff (hopefully). I definitely want to spend some time looking at our new “three-way” of Liv, Don E, and Blaine. Their teamwork of taking ouiZombie Conspiracy Wearyt Wham Bam was so much fun, but seeing them pop a squat and share Beau John’s brains was definitely a high point of the episode. Although the subsequent paranoia was slightly annoying, in my opinion, the way that the three characters played off of each other, and caused Clive to play logical babysitter, was worth it. I definitely did not see the reveal of Harley being a zombie, and that such a great surprise but a welcome addition to the incredibly hard-to-follow Weckler storyline.

Speaking of Weckler, we did get some forward movement there, and I can see where everything is starting to fit into place, but it feels like there are just too many players to keep track of, and even as an active viewer, it has been a chore to keep everything straight. Even Liv and Peyton’s exposition of trying to explain everything was hard to follow, but it sounds like Baracus is being teed up to be the Big Bad in season four. From my understanding, it was the incriminating evidence on the Weckler’s hard drive that forced the conspiracy to murder Weckler in prison and to turn his daughter into a zombie for leverage. And I am pretty sure that Fillmore Graves had a role in it all.

Can we take a moment to unpack how shady Fillmore Graves has become in the past couple of episodes? It feeliZombie Conspiracy Wearys like they were definitely behind the “discovery” of the Johns guns and hideout. Harley Johns and his gang are violent and passionate to be sure, but it just doesn’t feel like they would willy-nilly go and murder people. I just don’t trust these people anymore, and I wish that Liv and Major (and Justin) would get out of the crosshairs. This just doesn’t feel safe anymore.

And finally, our fave bromance dudes are continuing their streak of picking bad girlfriends. It turns out that Shawna has been exploiting her relationship with Major on Tumblr in an attempt to show off his “normal side” except that she didn’t tell Major about any of it. Unfortunately, it was Liv on paranoia brain that exposed everything to Major, so of course, he did not take it well and ended things with Shawna. Ravi definitely got the shorter end of the stick from Rachel, though, in that she is an investigative journalist working undercover to uncover the zombie outbreak. After Ravi came clean about everything to her (including telling her about the boat party and all of the intimate details), he had to find out that she betrayed his trust by reading her front-page article in the newspaper. Yikes. I don’t think that Ravi is going to deal with this well, and I really hope that Fillmore Graves doesn’t find out or I fear for Ravi’s safety.

Although I yearn for a bit more simple storylines (or at least fewer intricate ones), I continue to love and be impressed by iZombie. “Conspiracy Weary” had all of the action and movement that fans should expect leading up to the season finale, and I am super excited to see how the writers will tie everything up as we end season three.

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