‘Journey To Batuu’ is Bringing Star Wars To The Sims 4!

Journey to Batuu

“Journey to Batuu” trailer screengrab, trailer courtesy of Lucasfilm, Maxis, and EA.

Say what you want about The Sims 4 and their massive collection of packs and expansions. No really, say whatever you want, because I’m so stoked over the upcoming The Sims pack I can’t hear any negativity. Journey to Batuu is looking AWESOME!

A new Star Wars Sims pack, formally known as The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, was announced today in what is one of maybe 4 good things to happen in 2020. We already had some Star Wars costumes and a hidden statue of The Child, but this is looking like an explorable world! There are USABLE LIGHTSABERS and DROID FRIENDS and… well, look for yourself.

A few members of the Geekiary team have made the journey to Batuu back when we could still travel safely. The Sims version seems like a good copy of my experience based on the overviews we get. I’m wondering how many of the shops and other locations we’ll be able to go into. It would be fun to have a Batuu restaurant as a date location, at least.

It remains to be seen if Batuu is a small hidden world, like alien Sixam or the fragmented Magic Realm. I’m not even sure I care (although how cool would it be to build a house on Batuu?) because just having all this stuff in a pack opens a ton of possibilities. 

journey to batuu

I’m hoping these new aliens will be playable- maybe when we pick aliens they’ll have these options? Odds are they’re just hats though.

The official description doesn’t give us a ton of insight past what we see in the trailer, but I’ll share it anyway:

“Journey to Batuu sends your Sim to Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost, the bustling hub of galactic activity brought to life at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort. Check out the fun trailer below, which teases some of the pack’s features and highlights, from lightsaber building to appearances from Vi Moradi, Rey, and Kylo Ren to Millennium Falcon action.

The release date is September 8th- a Tuesday, which means Admin Angel can’t stay up all night playing. We don’t have a price yet. Most likely it’ll fall in the $20 range like the others, but don’t quote me on that. 

Will you be checking out Journey to Batuu? Come scream with us in the comments!

Author: Khai

Khai is a writer, anthropologist, and game enthusiast. She can talk fandom in five languages, and her proudest nerd moment so far was presenting original research titled “Gender, Sex, and Werewolves” at an international anthropological conference. Her first game, None For Me, is due out from Calico Games early next year.


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