Marvel Future Fight Update 2.0.0 Review

Marvel Future Fight update 2.0.0

The new Marvel Future Fight update version 2.0.0 brings in three new playable characters and a whole lot of material enhancement options!

The first thing you’re going to notice in the Marvel Future Fight update 2.0.0 are the three new characters. Now you can play as Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and the Black Dwarf. All three are Universal type characters which means that they neither have weakness nor advantages against other types present in the game. I have checked out all of their skills and they do look quite impressive.

These three new characters can be recruited through the New World Boss Mission which is very tough to complete. You will need to create a team of 6-star ranked characters from your roster. You will require three main hitters with a backup of five strikers if you want to win. Once you do recruit the new characters you will notice that their level-up and ranking system is different. They require different Biometrics in order to level-up. That is why the Biometrics you can acquire from each mission has been boosted up to five per day. The new characters also require Black Anti-Matter to rank up. All of these changes will require some getting used to, but having said that, I do hope upcoming playable characters don’t follow the same system.

The comic book covers have been changed into cards and you can enhance their effects. You can equip five cards simultaneously but can’t equip identical cards in the same set. The cards can be bought from the in-game store or through the Dimension Rifts.

Three new uniforms have been added for Elsa Bloodstone, Destroyer, and Hulkbuster. The Destroyer has also been given a 6-star skill. The ISO-8’s can now be awakened but doing so will cost 6-star ISO-8’s along with in-game gold. Special Gear can also be enhanced to make your characters stronger. Hero abilities have also been improved and now every character has a set of abilities that makes them unique during gameplay.

The Timeline Battle system has been changed to real time. This means that you will have to battle other opponents yourself and can no longer make use of the Auto play option. I’m still not sure if the game developers will stick to such a change because I played Marvel Future Fight again a few hours ago and the battle system seems to have reverted back to offering the Auto play option. Maybe the players didn’t like the new change and the developers scrapped it? Or perhaps they are fixing some bugs? I’m not sure.

While Marvel Future Fight update 2.0.0 does come with some interesting changes, the leveling up system for the new characters has me worried. There’s also some confusion regarding how the Timeline Battle system is supposed to work.

Do you play Marvel Future Fight? What did you think of the new update? Let us know!

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