iZombie 3×06 Review: Some Like It Hot Mess

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Whereas I absolutely loved Liv’s brain journey last week, her overly dramatic turn in “Some Like It Hot Mess” was, above all, hard to stomach.

Sadly, the brain of the week wasn’t the only difficult part of “Some Like It Hot Mess”, either. Despite creator Rob Thomas being “confident” that iZombie will return for a fourth season, right now it feels like they’re tying up a few too many loose ends. So many, in fact, that I’m not sure I understand where they could take this show for a fourth season, at this point.

some like it hot mess izombie liv moore major lilywhite raviBut I digress. Between Yvonne the dj/grocery store clerk’s hot mess brain and a lot of odd Major nonsense, this episode was chock full of awkward. It also felt rushed; after all, in the beginning Major still had his memory, he started losing it fairly quickly but by the end he had it back – which meant that one way or another Blaine’s deception was going to be revealed.

I suppose I should have seen it coming, the fact that Blaine has been lying about his memory loss for some time…but I’m still disappointed that it was the case. Obviously I haven’t forgotten about all the awful things he’s done; I suppose I’m just a sucker for even half-assed redemption arcs. I just wish it hadn’t been so painful to watch Blaine tell Peyton the truth…and even more painful watching Peyton apologize to Ravi, mostly because I feel bad that I believed that Blaine was being honest and Ravi was being, well, over-the-top jealous (and at times possessive, to boot).

some like it hot mess izombie liv mooreAnd yet none of that was as off-putting as Liv on Yvonne’s brain. Perhaps it’s the fact that this is the first time I felt as if Liv lost herself almost completely – she was forgetting to do so many important things, including helping those important to her, namely Ravi and Major. Or maybe it was just that I felt awkward watching her act so, well, obnoxious. Regardless, I can’t remember the last time I spent so much of an iZombie episode cringing over Liv’s reaction to a particular brain.

As a side note, I couldn’t help but notice that Peyton brought up the dominatrix case again, and then even made her way to the morgue to ask for the full autopsy report. I thought it was weird that the killer confessed but gave no reason for the murder, and I continue to wonder if there’s more to that case. Hopefully Peyton feels the same way and keeps investigating it, because dangit, I’m curious!

Unfortunately for viewers, I can’t see how the news that the cure works will be a good thing in the long run. Sure, the cure syringes were stolen by the end of “Some Like It Hot Mess”, but the list of suspects is pretty short. Personally I think that Blaine messing around with Ravi’s blue brain juice recipe is a more interesting turn of events, but it’s hard to get beyond my worry that it’s only a matter of time before they find the missing syringes and turn Liv back into a human…and then where can – will – the show go?

Author: Tara Lynne

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