Spider-Man Is Done at Marvel Studios Due to Disney & Sony Dispute!

Spider Man in Homecoming
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Homecoming (Source: Marvel Studios, 2017)

A contract dispute between Disney’s Marvel Studios and Sony has seemingly destroyed all future chances for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Just when things were finally starting to look really, really good for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything came crashing down following a financial dispute between Disney and Sony. According to Deadline, there has been an on-going contractual dispute between Disney and Sony, in regards to a 50/50 financial arrangement for future Spider-Man movies.

Deadline reports Disney wanted a 50/50 financing arrangement for future Spider-Man movies that were supposed to be co-produced. However, Sony wasn’t too pleased about such a condition. After all, Spider-Man is one of the most popular and well-received franchises connected to the Sony brand. Cnet recently revealed that Spider-Man: Far From Home is Sony Pictures’ “highest-grossing film of all time.” Due to such success, Sony apparently wasn’t too keen on losing money being made by future installments in the young web-slinger’s franchise.

As a result of the failed negotiations, Kevin Feige, the current president of Marvel Studios, has been cut from upcoming Spider-Man movies. Peter Parker is effectively done with having anything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unless something can be done to remedy the current mess. The only problem is that with both Disney and Sony being huge companies (vying for money and the competitive edge), such disagreements can get out of hand very quickly.

Personally, I think it’s an awful move on Sony’s part. It’s a mistake, and a huge one at that. Spider-Man: Far From Home did so incredibly well because it was connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and because it was the first Marvel film to debut following the massive Avengers: Endgame event. Without Peter Parker being able to share the same space as the MCU, I have no doubt future films won’t do as well, especially without Feige’s creative input and control.

Spider-Man Villain, Venom
Eddie Brock as Venom in Venom (Source: Sony Pictures, 2018)

When we look at Sony’s other “Spider-Man” related movies, Venom (ahem!) didn’t do that great upon release, especially in the eyes of fans who felt having a movie about a popular Spider-Man villain without Spider-Man was a waste of time. And even though I personally didn’t think Venom was an awful and unwatchable movie (though for some it was), I did think the character of Eddie Brock (Venom) wasn’t as interesting as he could have been had he been introduced as a real villain alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

That being said, all of this Spider-Man commotion is upsetting, especially for Marvel fans. The Disney-FOX merger finally delivered the long-missed Fantastic Four and X-Men characters into the hands of Feige and the MCU, with hints that both superhero teams will be joining the character line-up in the future (teased during the most recent Marvel San-Diego Comic-Con panel). But now, it seems like we’re losing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and all of the characters that could have been used in the MCU from Spidey’s universe.

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5 thoughts on “Spider-Man Is Done at Marvel Studios Due to Disney & Sony Dispute!

  1. Totally agree. Without the MCU tie-in and Feige’s help this is not good for the future of this franchise. This was a mistake for Sony.

  2. We all know Disney is mega money-hungry… but maybe Sony has a point?… With future Spider-Man movies $1 Billion+ and Sony only keeping 50% of the returned box office (after sharing with Disney)… maybe Sony thought it would be better to produce films independently, and even if they do around $600-$800 million each (Venom made $800 million+), at least, Sony will get to keep all of the profit.

  3. Honestly I didn’t see this blow coming either…but clearly I can get where the issue truly lies, and money has always been a key factor in a business as cinema is at its heart afterall.

    I hope that the situation could change soon since Spidey and the MCU together are the bomb, BUT if this won’t change instead let’s at least hope that artistically we’ll see another side of the character of Spiderman, with new stories to tell also beyond the classic Marvel real: that might even be a challenge for improvement afterall…fingrs crossed anyways. :-/

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