Steven Universe Press Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 deedee magno hall michaela dietz

Admin Angel participated in the Steven Universe press panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. She talked to Rebecca Sugar, Estelle (Garnet), Deedee Magno-Hall (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Zach Callison (Steven), and Ian Jones-Quartey, about voice acting, writing, the fandom, and the show’s future.

The whole interview is great, but here are some highlights:

  • Rebecca Sugar clarifies that “Garnet’s future vision is not Sapphire’s future vision.” Applying Ruby’s impulsivity to Sapphire’s passivity creates their combined power as Garnet. “That’s why her power is not always flawless, but a lot more expansive.”
  • Rebecca said the Crystal Gems’ star symbol was inspired by the figure of Ishtar, and “I also just love the gold star as a really clear symbol of positivity. It’s what you get when something good happens. It’s a completely gender neutral symbol of positivity.”
  • Estelle says a big change in Garnet is that she’s gotten a lot nicer and that’s been fun to play.
  • Deedee teased a song to which she sang backup to Patti Lupone as Yellow Diamond. Yellow Pearl, perhaps?
  • Deedee grew up watching cartoons, but Michaela did not. “I just couldn’t get over the fact that people or ducks or whatever would go swimming and then they just wouldn’t be wet!”
  • Michaela’s favorite Amethyst shape-shifted form is Pearl. Womp womp!
  • Ian Jones-Quartey is very excited for Uzo Aduba’s upcoming role as Bismuth. “She’s gonna be joining us in the fall as a new Crystal Gem, and it was super. What she brought to the role was just amazing.” Rebecca says she loves Bismuth’s music.
  • Ian hints that the Gems did not just affect the geography of the Earth, but the entire galaxy. “There might be huge, seismic things, on an inter-planetary scale, that are different between our universe and the world of the show.”
  • He also emphasized that the developing relationship between Connie and Steven would be a “main thread” moving forward, and that Stevonnie would need to come up “again and again and again”.
  • Zach’s favorite song is now Both of You because it was the first Steven Universe song he got to perform live, at the SDCC 2016 singalong panel.
  • Ian says there are written timelines for everything that’s happened before, during, and after the story being told in Steven Universe. “There’s definitely an ending.”

Fusions’ weapons are a combination of who they’re fused of. Is [Garnet’s weapon] Ruby and Sapphire’s or is it just Ruby’s gauntlet?

Rebecca Sugar: That’s a really good question. There’s a Sapphire influence on Ruby’s gauntlets. The combination of their abilities is a little more cerebral for Garnet. Her future vision is specifically their combined power. There’s a way I like to think about Garnet’s future vision: Sapphire can see the future if she is completely passive. When you see her in the past and she knows what’s going to happen, it’s what will happen if she doesn’t intervene with anything, she’s a completely passive character at that time. Ruby is extremely impulsive and was able to derail what she knew would happen by changing it. Garnet’s future vision is not Sapphire’s future vision, it’s a series of possibilities based on what would happen if she did do something. Sapphire on her own would never do something but they can track possible outcomes of their combined personalities. That’s why her power is not always flawless, but a lot more expansive.

I have a question about the representation of the non-traditional family. I’m wondering if that was a conscious decision or if the characters were created and that was a byproduct of who the characters were. Did you mean to have such a strong representation of a non traditional family?

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 rebecca sugarRebecca: It just happened naturally! I mean I had a lot of goals, early on, and that was certainly one of them. Yes, I suppose is the answer! Yes, that was a goal. It happened so naturally though, it grew so naturally, as we were working on the show together. The Gems are all, at least when I started, they are all me, and my relationship with my brother. Me and my relationship with my brother, is– I guess I found out through making this show– well of course it’s unique, everyone’s relationship with their sibling is unique. But he’s supported me through so much and that’s reflected in each of the Gems in different ways. It just happened naturally.

Steven Universe has become a very important cartoon to the LGBT community. “The Answer” for example was a beautiful episode describing Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship. What was Ruby and Sapphire’s coming out like for you?

Rebecca: I really was excited to explore that in “The Answer” book? I liked doing it through the song, when I sing Something Entirely New. In the course of the song I was really thinking of it musically. This truth and their connection, it exists under the surface of the song just waiting to be shared by them. When I got to flush this story out into the book, when I got to describe a little more the way that the two of them came to understand each other better, and what was happening not just to them, one looking at the other, but also their whole point of view changing by sharing this experience with someone. Not just their point of view on the other person but also of themselves and of the world that they’re in. Everything, everything changes.

I have a really simple question. Are we going to get a soundtrack?

Estelle: I really hope so, I think we should!

Rebecca: For now Aivi and Surasshu have a Souncloud and all of the music is up there. I would love for there to be a soundtrack. Just… hoping.

Where does the iconography for the star come from?

Rebecca: Oh my gosh, let’s see. I had so much to say about it, I remember when I was first pitching it. There was so much I loved about using the star. Actually really early on I got to chat with Mike Mignola of Hellboy. I was asking him sort of like, how do you make these striking motifs of these settings where there’s this power in these symbols? And he was sort of like, “well you pick something, and you repeat it a lot, and then it feels very important!” And I was asking him what sort of mythology I could look at, and he was saying, oh there’s this incredible Babylonian mythology, the figure of Ishtar, this goddess with a star for a crown who has seven lions who pull her chariot. And I was just like, I love all of it! I also just love the gold star as a really clear symbol of positivity. It’s what you get when something good happens. It’s a completely gender neutral symbol of positivity. I love so many things about it as a symbol. It’s cute and sweet, but it’s also powerful. It’s… patriotic? [laughter] He used to just have a pink shirt, and that was one of the last things, when I was doing the pilot, that was one of the last things. I was like, “put a star on it!” That’s when it sort of came together.

Bismuth is an upcoming character, can you give us a little more about her?

Rebecca: Oh gosh there’s already more about her, out there, then, um… [laughter] Oh, please watch it, it’s our first half hour special! Please watch it, I’m proud of it. I love her music.

What are you most excited for fans to see in the next season of Steven Universe?

Rebecca: Well, I’ve been waiting so long for Mr. Greg to be out in the world, and now that it is I’m so happy because we worked so, so hard on it. Tonight’s episode, “Beach City Drift,” I really really like. There’s a bunch of stuff coming up that’s really interconnected that was really challenging and exciting, a lot of things that are really sort of true to me and my brother that I can’t wait to be out there.

Can you tease any upcoming music for Garnet, maybe? Any songs that might be coming our way?

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 estelleEstelle: [laugh] No, no!

It was worth a shot!

Estelle: They tell me Garnet’s very clear, she never asks any questions. She never ever asks questions in any capacity, so.

What can you tell us about how Garnet’s changed since “The Answer?” She seemed like the most mysterious Gem but now we see more of her personality.

Estelle: I think as you’ve gotten to know her and she’s gotten to know Steven it’s become a whole family. She’s a bit more expressive, she’s a lot nicer. It’s interesting, we do the scripts in the room, and [Rebecca’s] always like “nicer.” Cause I’m stuck in my “no, don’t, don’t, don’t.” And she’s always like, you know, just nicer. And I’m like oh okay whatever you say [laughter] And it’s nice to be able to do that.

[To Deedee Magno-Hall] That’s your phone case? [It has Pearl on it]

Deedee Magno-Hall: This is my phone case! I got it from Redbubble. I worry that people are like, “you have a phone case with your character on it?” But like, I’m such a huge fan of the show–

You love what you do!

Deedee: I do, I do love what I do, I feel very blessed to have this job. And call it a job.

How is working on Steven Universe different than anything you’ve done in the past?

Deedee: It is so much fun. Not to say that things I’ve done in the past is not fun, but for some reason this show is just… oftentimes, when I’m home– because I’m on tour right now doing a show called If/Then, and touring the country. So since I’ve been away, which I’ve been away for almost a year, I haven’t been able to be in the studio with everybody else. Which I miss so much because we have so much fun together in the studio. But they’ve been able to record me remotely, while I’m on tour. But when I’m home, I will drop my kid off at school and then drive over to Cartoon Network, and go in there and have the most fun making silly noises and saying fun words and telling amazing stories. And then literally I’m done, we’re laughing, my cheeks hurt, and I pick up my kid, and I’m done! That’s a day of work!

Working remotely, is that more challenging? Are you not with the other voice actors, you can’t work off them?

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 deedee magno hallDeedee: Yes, it’s so much more–

Michaela: [silly voice] In spirit, we’re together, we’re all together in spirit.

Deedee: It’s so much more fun to be in the studio with everybody else obviously but I love that they’re able to record me remotely so that I can still be connected. What we do is they’re on the phone so they can hear everything that I do. They send me a script, so I get to look at the storyboard, so they’re hearing what I’m doing simultaneously while I’m recording. It’s pretty cool that they can do that.

Michaela: Isn’t technology amazing?

Deedee: It is.

[to Michaela] Your necklace is awesome.

Deedee: Right!

Michaela: This is from a designer, Hespera Designs, they actually created the– you know Cersei, in the season finale of Game of Thrones? They designed her cool citrine ring. If you go onto their site, (I’m sorry to plug this right now) if you use “WHAMMYGEM” you can get like 20% off your online order. I’ll give you a thingy and you can get it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Yeah they have really cool raw gem stuff.

You have a connection to Cersei Lannister.

Deedee: I mean, she’s cool. She’s cool.

Michaela: She’s cold-blooded. She’s cold-blooded!

When you guys are together do you find that you embody your characters with each other? Amethyst is goofy, Pearl is kind of like, “c’mon Amethyst.”

Deedee: I dunno, she brings the goof out of me.

Michaela: Yeah I think in real life we just are like, pals.

Deedee: Yeah, no, she’s my bud.

Michaela: I mean, did you catch our periscope last night? Yeah, we were like, getting down in sugar.

Deedee: Having a dance party. Yes. She definitely rubs off.

Michaela: You know, I will answer this. Amethyst and Pearl have at times a very great relationship and sometimes it’s a little contentious and I think that’s rooted in the fact that they love each other so much. In real life, I love this woman, dearly!

Deedee: I love you so much!

Michaela: And we never have that weird “grrr” dynamic, so we can skip all of that and I think we have a really beautiful friendship.

How do you feel about the evolution of Pearl from the beginning of the show to where she is now? She was kind of hard to like at the very beginning and she’s grown so much and you know more about her.

Deedee: I guess it’s just like an onion with many layers. She’s got many layers. As do all the Crystal Gems and all the characters in the show. I love that, I love that you keep watching and keep peeling away and just knowing more and more about each and every character. But I feel like all of the characters have grown tremendously from the beginning, since the conception of– I don’t know! Do people not–? She’s just misunderstood. I mean, she loves Steven and she loves everybody and, yeah. I guess, [laughs] she can be a little hard to take sometimes. [silly voice] But that’s how it’s written! I just read the script and do my job.

On that point do you guys ever say anything impromptu?

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 michaela dietzMichaela: Well variations of it. I mean the writers are so amazing, Matt [Burnett] and Ben [Levin] are hilarious, and obviously the storyboard artists. Steven Universe, again, “The Answer” was nominated for an emmy. Incredible. So you know the words that they write are pretty gold. Sometimes we’ll just kind of add on. So I remember an Amethyst line was “ooh, my torta.” And I took Spanish so I was like, “I’m gonna just… use my education. [french accent] Education~” so I was like “ayy! Mi torta!” and they were like, aw. Let’s use that. So I try to not to stray too far, but we like to riff.

Deedee: Yeah, sometimes we’re in the studio, and we’re just going back and forth. Just off, when we think that the microphone is off and they’re not recording. But we had a conversation, talking about your mom, and she thought that it was oodles–

Michaela: No, boodles. Everything is boodles of fun.

Deedee: Boodles of fun. And it somehow got into the script.

Michaela: Yeah the writers are like “oh that’s good we’re giving that to Pearl.” So now Pearl’s like: “boodles!”

Deedee: Thank your mom. Thank your mom.

Michaela: Marianne Dietz says. Thank you.

Amethyst is usually seen as a big sister character. How do you see her evolving to be more like Garnet and Pearl mom aspect?

Michaela: I think even just this past week we’re seeing a little development from Amethyst. We’re seeing that maybe in instances if we had taken those slices from previous, like the first season, maybe she would have acted out, perhaps violently. And now, she’s able to let some stuff roll off her back. So, I love the fact that she’s ever-growing, just as all the Gems are, just as I strive to in my own life. It’s exciting, I’m excited to see where it goes. Probably just as much as you are!

What’s your favorite form that Amethyst has taken?

Michaela: Oh oh shapeshifting? Probably when she’s Pearl. Womp womp!

Deedee: I was hoping you were gonna say that!

Michaela: Can we just– sorry to circle back, but it’s interesting that you said that every Gem is like an onion and you’re just peeling back the layers. I would say, except for Onion! He’s the only character who just hasn’t developed, he’s still a creep! He’s totally creepy!

He’s just a little kid!

Deedee: I know!

Michaela: He’s the kid that, “you will not use that lighter! You will not be near the oven, you cannot.”

Speaking of Onion though, Amethyst and Vidalia have an interesting relationship.

Michaela: They do! You know that was actually one of my very very favorite episodes to voice. Jackie Buscarino who is our producer voiced Vidalia and she has an incredible voice and she’s hilarious. Just being able to work off of her was really fun. It also was nice to see that Amethyst had history. Up until that point we hadn’t seen too much, and we hadn’t seen things that made her– maybe, nostalgic, or just genuinely happy. So that was a different color for Amethyst and it was really fun to explore.

You guys have had a lot of different guest stars on the show. Like Nicki Minaj as Sugilite, and you had Aimee Mann as Opal. Are there any guest stars that you’re looking forward to working  with or would like to work with?

Deedee: I got to sing background vocals for a Patti Lupone song, for Yellow Diamond. And I was really really hoping that we could have sang that together in the studio–! That would have been epic for me. Just because I have a musical theater background and she’s like a legend, not “like,” she is, she’s a legend. And Rebecca, when she told me that Patti Lupone was voicing Yellow Diamond, I was like– blowing my mind! My me-mi-mind was being blown. But anyway so that was pretty cool.

Michaela: Huh, I mean I don’t know. As Michaela Dietz I would die to voice act opposite Cher or Gilbert Gottfried– or like, just somebody great. Oprah? Bring it.

Deedee: Put it out there.

Michaela: We can dream. She’s like, “you get a mic! You get a mic! You get a mic!”

Serialized cartoons are somewhat rare, to have long, complex, ongoing plots, so I was wondering what your experience with that’s been? Having a cartoon that’s so in depth when it comes to the plot?

Deedee: It’s just amazing. Growing up I watched a lot of cartoons, but I never, never watched a show like Steven Universe. And I think it’s such a wonderful way to reach children, and explore all of these– they could be difficult things to talk about. But Rebecca and the team, they somehow find a beautiful way to translate these messages and storylines, things that people can relate to. Everybody can relate to, all ages, gender, you know? I love that the show does that, touches so many people on so many different levels, and then I love that I can share it with my kids.

Michaela: Yeah, so Steven Universe certainly is serialized. I think also though it’s exceptional in that one could just jump in at any moment and find an episode entertaining. They could cry, and probably laugh, within those eleven minutes, and it might even implore them to come back and watch some more. I did not grow up watching cartoons. I just couldn’t get over the fact that people or ducks or whatever would go swimming and then they just wouldn’t be wet! I’m like, “how does that happen?” I think… the serialization is crazy because Rebecca and the team have created a mythology, that the fans know way more than we could ever know! I find that I’m constantly looking to the fans for many tutorials on what my character is doing. [laughter] ‘Cuz I don’t know, okay? You know better than I do.

Deedee, of all your stage characters, are there any that remind you of Pearl, whether it’s through personality or the songs they’ve sang?

Deedee: Well, the show that I’m doing currently, If/Then- my character’s name is Cathy and she just happens to be married to a character named Steven. And in the show, the second act- actually, before the show ends- my character gets to say ‘Steven’ twice. And because it’s just my voice, sometimes I run into Steven Universe fans that come to see the show, ‘cause they want to her me say ‘Steven’.

Michaela: So a bunch of the Crewniverse– Rebecca, Ian, me, bunch of people, we saw Deedee perform in L.A. And when she said ‘Steven’, because I wasn’t sitting with them, I was looking up, “Hey, yo guys! You got that right?”

Deedee: Yeah, it was so amazing. Rebecca and everybody is so amazing, they’re so supportive, all of them have come to see all the shows that I’ve done in Los Angeles, and I’m so appreciative. Zach did a play and we all came to see that. If I was in Dubai, I would have gone to see Estelle in Dubai.

Michaela: Oh, yeah!

Deedee: And I would see anything Michaela– it’s just, they’re all an incredibly supportive, wonderful group of people to work with, and also call friends. I just feel so blessed.

Deedee, I didn’t mean to say people don’t like Pearl, I’m sorry.

Deedee: Oh gosh! Every time I meet people say very nice things. At first, though, they always say– ‘salty’. The word salty has been associated with Pearl. But I feel a lot of people identify with Pearl, which is kind of neat!

[To Zach Callison] In the panel you mentioned that it’s been a few years and your voice has kind of changed. Is that due to Steven’s voice sounding different because he’s aged?

Zach Callison: I’ve let him age up a little bit but I’m trying to keep it consistent for the moment. It’s very much more of a ‘character voice’ than it ever has been. Cause I talk down here, [Steven voice] ‘And he talks up here!’, they’re very much perpendicular to each other. I’d like it to remain as consistent as I can, but I think the thing that keeps him consistent from the beginning is his emotions. Even though he’s grown up a lot he still has that same child-like wonder in his voice sometimes, and the same love for his family and friends, and I think that’s so important for keeping Steven as Steven, no matter what I sound like when I continue to grow. My voice has mostly stabilized for the most part, so hopefully we’re even keel. [laughs] For my sake!

What’s the most challenging song you’ve performed with Steven so far?

Zach: There have been some tough ones. Steven and the Stevens was a unique one, because I had the layer the vocals four times because there was four Stevens singing it. I’d say Giant Woman, early on, was a tough one, too. Any song where I have to switch between head voice and chest voice- all the singers know the distinction- flipping between them is the hardest part. Singing in either of them is its own thing, but switching between them, you have to be very careful– that’s when voice cracks happening. So those have been some of the hardest. Strong in the Real Way had some of that, Giant Woman had some of that. Even the song I just sang on the panel for Mr Greg had some of that. It makes it sound good if you can get it right, but it takes a few takes sometimes.

So you guys had a lot of different guest stars on the show- you had Nicki Minaj as Sugilite, you had Aimee Mann as Opal. Are there any guest stars you’re looking forward to working with, or would like to work with?

steven universe san diego comic con 2016 zach callisonZach: I mean there are people I’d love to have on the show. I’m friends with a lot of cool voice actors, that I’ve worked with on different projects that just haven’t come through Steven Universe. Jess Harnell is a really good friend of mine. He’s unlike anyone else. He’s just a character. Literal rockstar, amazing voice actor. We’ve worked together on a few different shows, but not Steven. So it’d be cool.

Ian Jones-Quartey: Definitely gonna be some amazing guest stars coming up. One we’ve announced already is Uzo Aduba, from Orange is the New Black.

Zach: Is that announced now?

Ian Jones-Quartey: Yeah! She’s gonna be joining us in the fall as a new Crystal Gem, and it was super. What she brought to the role was just amazing. We’ll just have wait and enjoy the show.

The Gems have been on Earth for thousands of years. They’ve obviously affected history a lot. Could you care to tell us about it? Maybe what happened to Russia?

Ian: So, yeah. It’s something you almost don’t notice when you start watching the show. But little things all start cropping up. One of the first things was in “Cat Fingers.” You see the money, and you’re like, “Wait a minute. Everybody’s using two and three dollar bills? Everything looks all weird on them?” And then you start seeing more things. The geography of the US is completely different. Oh, the world is completely different. I mean, look: this is an alternate universe from our own, and I would say the Gems themselves– the race of the Gems– is an intergalactic empire that has affected the entire galaxy in many different ways. There might be huge, seismic things, on an inter-planetary scale, that are different between our universe and the world of the show. There’s a lot that’s gonna be explored with that coming up, and we’ll see how Gems as a race have shaped the actual Earth itself.

So the diversity of the cast does not necessarily come across when you’re watching the show. It struck me watching the panel, that this is going to be one of the few panels where I’m going to see one white dude on the stage. I was wondering if you could tell me if you’ve learned anything from that sort of experience, working with that diverse of a cast.

Zach: To me, it’s great that we have it, but it’s just like working with a bunch of talented actors. We’re all there because we really love what we do, and we’re all talented in different ways. I think besides that kind of diversity, we’re also diverse in our backgrounds as well. A lot of us are new to voice acting. Deedee is a theater trained actress. I have a theater background as well, but I believe this is her first voice acting gig. Same with Estelle– obviously she comes from an R&B music background. Everybody has a different story and that really brings a lot to the show. It brings a lot to our recording sessions.

My friend’s gonna kill me if I don’t ask this– Do you ship any characters together?

Zach: [laughter] My thing with shipping is, why ship so much if we already have awesome, actual relationships on the show? Many shows are not blessed with the kind of relationships we have between Rose and Greg, and Ruby and Sapphire, and being able to see that is really important.

That’s actually a great segue. Can you tell us anything about the future of Connie, and what’s going to happen to her and her relationship with Steven?

Ian: I would say that as the stories get way more intense, we will start to see that Connie, specifically Steven and Connie’s relationship, is going to become a main thread as the story continues… Everything will get more intense, and bigger and crazier. But definitely. That’s not something that’s going away any time soon.

Are we going to see Stevonnie again this season?

Ian: Well… maybe we’re going to see Stevonnie tonight? [Laughs] Stevonnie, as the living embodiment of Steven and Connie’s relationship, definitely has to be brought up again and again and again. Those cases when we get there, having [Zach] and Grace in the booth at the same time, it’s so fun.

Zach: My favorite story to tell about Stevonnie is when AJ Michalka first came in to voice the character, and you guys had me and Grace on the other side of the glass, on the room mic, laughing back and forth, so that she could listen to us and then combine it to make Stevonnie’s laugh. And she nailed it like on the first take! Uncanny.

What was your favorite song to sing?

Zach: There’s been so many… I feel that Both of You now has a special significance to me, after performing it here. This is the first time that I’ve really performed a Steven Universe song. That’s going into my favorites now. Giant Woman was one of my favorites early on, because I didn’t think we were going to be doing more music besides the theme song, and then that hit me by surprise and was really cool.

What were the rehearsals like for this [Singalong panel]?

Ian: We got together a couple times.

Zach: Yeah, I mean, pretty chill. The first times were Jeff Lui’s house. Most of the band, and everybody who could make it– it was me and Michaela, Deedee (Deedee’s been on tour for If/Then), and Estelle, she’s very busy with her music.

Ian: Ben got together, we all sort of hung out. We just like jammed. It was super fun!

Zach: Super laid back. Just switching between songs, it was like a hangout, a jam session. We had one yesterday, more official. That was here.

So theoretically, if there was a Steven Universe-exclusive convention, what would you like that to be like?

Zach: Didn’t one just get announced?

Ian: Yeah, yeah.

Zach: Are we talking unlimited amounts of awesomeness? I think a carnival would be cool. Like, Beach City style.

Ian: Yeah, Beach City! Boardwalk style! I really think the best thing for a Steven Universe con would be an open and accepting space, where fans from all sides of the fandom can express their love for it, and there wouldn’t be any in-fighting or judging, or ship wars, or stuff like that. A place where people can all sort of enjoy the show, and everybody can enjoy it in the way that they like the best. And really be together in that love. That’s really important.

One of my writers is running it, so I just feel like I had to put that disclaimer if I asked that question.

What was the process like for finding the voice for Steven Universe? Did you just see an image of him?

Zach: That helps, that helped. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from my voice teacher, who I actually recorded the audition with, Tony- he said when you gets drawings of a character, that’s like a toy the writers and the artists are giving to you. And you can play with it, and look at it while you’re doing the voice, and mould it to that. And it really helps a lot when you’re seeing character designs. We spent about an hour and a half recording the initial audience. It only took about ten minutes getting the actual character voice down. And back then my voice was high, so it was down here, like this. We saw that change, later. We spent most of the time focusing on reading the lines and really getting his personality down. Obviously, that’s the most important part of a character. Once you get a voice you have to really flesh out who they are, otherwise it comes out hollow. Sang a song, did about ten lines, and sent it over. You guys gave me a call back, so thanks!

Ian: One of the things about casting for the show that was always so great was that there was finding natural qualities to voices. What you did was very studied, and it really fit Steven’s personality. [Zach] seemed like the type of kid who’d look at this picture and say, ‘I am this person,’ and then find a unique spin on it. I remember hearing that from your personality made us think ‘oh, that’s Steven’. It’s a mix of technique and the natural choices Zach makes that makes us know, ‘oh, okay, that is what Steven would do’.

Is there an endpoint in sight, or is this the kind of thing where thirty years from now, we could still have it going?

Ian: Oh, you mean story wise? Oh. Okay. One thing I will tell you about the show, that a lot of people don’t know, there is a discreet timeline from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. There’s a timeline for all the things that happened before the story. And there’s a timeline for all the things that happen after the story. Those are all sort of written down. There’s definitely an ending. There’s ways to expand it and go further, but Rebecca is going to have her chance to tell her story the way she intends it to be told.

Author: KK Bracken & Laura B

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