Stone – Australian “Hip-Hop Stoner Noir” Gameplay Revealed

Stone game Convict Games hip hop stoner noir

Convict Games has revealed the first 15-minutes of gameplay from Stone, a psychedelic adventure featuring a “zonked-out koala bear” private investigator and his “hungover” search for his missing lover named Alex. The Hip-hop Stoner Noir-game will be out sometime next week!

The 15-minute video has a voiceover from studio-lead Greg Louden. The video shows how Stone plays and the game’s inspirations, as well as some of the side content. I don’t know how the entire game will end up being, but I have to say it does look unique due to the hip-hop stoner noir elements and the characters.

Check out the gameplay reveal video for yourself! Just be warned, the language is quite crude.

The video opens up with Stone, an anthropomorphic koala, waking up and receiving a call from a mysterious person. Along with Stone’s partner Alex’s disappearance, he doesn’t know what happened last night. So, the private investigator sets out to find answers.

We see Stone in three locations. The game starts with him in his house, then we move to a local bar, and then to a club. Along the way, Stone meets different characters. The player can decide how to interact with others. You can charm others to get information Stone needs to find Alex or you can take a more annoying stance. The game adapts to the choices you make.

One of the best things about keeping up with certain indie games is the different ideas they bring to the table. How many of you have heard about a hip-hop stoner noir video game featuring a koala before, right? The entire thing looks very weird but definitely in a cool way.

Let’s see how players react to Stone when it is released.

What do you think of Stone? Are you into the hip-hop stoner noir elements? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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