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  • The 100 3×08 Review: “Terms and Conditions”

    “Terms and Conditions” is meant to refer to Pike and Kane’s conversation and Kane’s “surrender”, but it feels to me like something for the fans as well. You know how every time iTunes updates, you have to re-accept the terms and conditions of the software? That’s what this episode felt like to me. It’s like […]

  • The 100 3×7 Review: Thirteen

    You know what? I’m kind of angry with how things turned out in “Thirteen”. Am I the only one? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Warning: Spoilers for The 100 3×7 episode “Thirteen” follow. I mean it. I really really mean it. Do not read any further if you haven’t seen this episode. […]

  • The 100 3×06 Review: “Bitter Harvest”

    I never would have suspected, back when I first started watching The 100, that I would be rooting for Kane and Abby. What a difference two seasons makes. “Bitter Harvest” leads our favorites down increasingly frustrating paths. I’d like to trust the writers of The 100 to not completely ruin everything, but right now I am just […]

  • The 100 3×05 Review: “Hakeldama”

    I’m glad I generally wait until the next day to write reviews, because after watching this week’s episode of The 100, I was mostly just spewing expletives. The 100 has generally been excellent with character development and pacing. I’ve rarely been confused as to someone’s motivations or wondered where exactly in the timeline we are. However, […]

  • The 100 3×04 Review: “Watch the Thrones”

    A change of leadership on The 100 is about to pave the way for all-out war between the Arkers and the Grounders. Which side are you on? “Watch the Thrones” was an episode that was very much focused on government and leadership. One of the things I have always wanted on The 100 was to learn more […]

  • The 100 3×3 Review: Ye Who Enter Here

    “Ye Who Enter Here” was another installment in The 100‘s Wanheda arc, and part of me wonders if this season is moving a little too fast for its own good. I was so torn about the opening scene in “Ye Who Enter Here”. I’m super curious as to where Polis is and what the tower […]

  • The 100 3×02 Review: Wanheda, Part Two

    Last night’s episode of The 100 may as well have been called “Reunion”, since we had so many of them. Monty was reunited with his mother (I’ll get to that, I swear), and Clarke was reunited with both Bellamy and Lexa, both of which had less than optimal results. I wasn’t expecting both reunions so soon […]

  • The 100 3×1 Review: Wanheda Part One

    The first thought I had upon finishing the season three premiere of The 100 is how this show’s visuals continue to astound me…as does the acting, especially considering how shoddy the writing can be at times. I was intrigued by the fact that “Wanheda: Part One” opened with Murphy, who was a fairly important but […]

  • Favorite LGBTQ+ Moments in Geek Culture 2015

    It’s been an amazing year for LGBTQ+ people in geek culture.  Every year seems better than the last in regards to representation and, while we have a long way to go before non-heteronormative characters are as mainstream as heterosexual ones, we’ve made some amazing strides in the past twelve months.  Here are some of our […]

  • The 3 Best Things I Noticed in The 100 Season 3 Trailer

    Did you see it? Did you see that? Way earlier than I expected, the CW dropped the trailer for season 3 of The 100, which finally returns to our TV screens on January 21st. And after having seen it, I cannot believe that I am now expected to wait five weeks for this show to come […]