The 100 3×3 Review: Ye Who Enter Here

Ye Who Enter Here The 100

“Ye Who Enter Here” was another installment in The 100‘s Wanheda arc, and part of me wonders if this season is moving a little too fast for its own good.

I was so torn about the opening scene in “Ye Who Enter Here”. I’m super curious as to where Polis is and what the tower was before, and I loved the interaction between Clarke and Lexa – it was the first time this season that I saw a glimpse of the things I like about Clarke. Unfortunately, the whole ‘go float yourself’ thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I think they’re trying to create a new ‘frak’ but the problem is, when someone was floated on the Ark it was usually because they were essentially being executed. And it’s not a nice way to die. And I’m not a fan of people telling others to go kill themselves. I have to assume Lexa didn’t really understand the implications of that statement, though, because when someone cops an attitude with her over Wanheda still being alive, she shoves him off a very, very high balcony.

After the opening, “Ye Who Enter Here” jumped back and forth quite a bit. From the Sky People arriving at Polis to Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, and Gina in Mount Weather to random shots of some creepy guy that never lasted long enough for me to be able to tell who he was (at least at first). Basically the editing could have been better, though I will admit that this episode moved along at a decent pace.

On the other hand, the constant “which Grounders can we trust oh maybe probably none of them” plot point is getting a bit old. I mean, trying to figure out whether Kane is legit is bad enough; now I have to contend with Lexa again, and Echo as well? (For reference, Echo is an Ice Nation Grounder and she and Bellamy saved each other from Mount Weather in season two.)

Ye Who Enter Here The 100

I will say that Lexa was right when she talked about Polis in “Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)” – it absolutely shows a different side of the Grounders, and I almost wish that they hadn’t waited until Season 3 to show us this. And I really loved the scene with Abby and Kane walking around the market and Kane interacting with a Grounder merchant; to be honest, I even loved what followed it. The first two episodes heavily foreshadowed Abby stepping down from her position as Chancellor, but I’m glad Kane didn’t accept her offer for him to just replace her and rather pushed the idea of an election.

But then I think, do I really like or trust Kane? And I’m still not sure. So I guess we’ll just have to see about that.

Meanwhile, while I disagreed with Raven trying to figure out how to get Mount Weather’s missiles online, I did love the scenes between her and Sinclair. Alessandro Juliani was amazing as Gaeta in Battlestar Galactica, and though his part in The 100 has been a fairly small one so far, he was great in “Ye Who Enter Here”. And one of the better things the writers did with this episode was keep both him and Raven alive. After all, the tone of “Ye Who Enter Here” was ominous from the start, and after Raven and Sinclair’s heart to heart I was sure that one of them wouldn’t live to see the end of it…and yet they were the only ones in the Mount Weather arc who did. Even the man who killed Bellamy’s girlfriend Gina (damn, have I had to review two shows this week where a woman was fridged?) made it out alive…only to be killed by Raven.

Unfortunately, everyone else in Mount Weather was obliterated, and it turned out that Lt. Carl Emerson – the sole Mount Weather survivor – made it happen. “Ye Who Enter Here” closed with Echo returning to her Ice Queen to report that she “had her war”…at which point Emerson stepped forward and outright asked about Clarke. We still don’t know who the Grounder was who input the self destruct codes, but at this point I’m not even sure that matters. I just wish they hadn’t made it seem like it would.

Ye Who Enter Here The 100Now that all of that is out of the way, though, let’s talk about that Summit. There was some good juxtaposition of the proceedings going on at the top of the Polis tower while Bellamy, Octavia, and some others climbed the elevator shaft, but the best part about this entire situation was Lexa and Clarke. I have to be honest, I’m not really a Clexa (Clarke/Lexa) fan. I don’t think their relationship had very good development, and Lexa’s betrayal was something my Hufflepuff heart couldn’t handle. I loved hearing Clarke say that she would never bow to Lexa, and to be honest I was a little annoyed when she did (even while understanding that she had good reason to do so). But then Lexa bowed to Clarke, pledged herself to Clarke, and even though it was done in private, even though I’m still not sure I trust Lexa, the gesture made my heart melt a little bit. (But just a very little bit.)

So in the end, the point was that all along Ice Nation was just doing whatever they could to start a war between themselves and the Coalition. We still don’t know that much about the size of Ice Nation, but it’s pretty obvious that they’re big enough to be worrisome, even to a group that now constitutes thirteen clans. (And I can’t help but think that they said “thirteenth clan” too many times in this episode; it concerns me that they’ll use the thirteen is unlucky trope.)

Do you think The 100 is moving too fast? Did you like “Ye Who Enter Here”? Let us know in the comments!

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