Teen Wolf 3×15 Review: Galvanize

1377563_735244843154406_1968400226_nThis week’s episode felt a bit crowded, plotwise.  I feel like had a certain storyline been cut and/or moved to another episode, this one would have had a much better flow.  But before I get too much into things, let’s jump into my rundown of “Galvanize”.

So let’s get what I didn’t like out of the way, then I can talk about the things I did like!  The Barrow storyline felt completely out of place.  Why did he fixate on Kira?  Was he talking about werewolves or whatever Kira is in reference to the “children with glowing eyes”?  I feel that if they would have let the teens be teens and let Derek and Peter be the focus of this episode, I would have enjoyed it much more than I did.  I hope next week they give some sort of explanation as to how and why Barrow targeted Kira.  Otherwise this whole subplot was just a way to show, “Oh, Kira’s different too!”  As if we didn’t already know that.

1524885_735244849821072_85849402_nSo Derek and Peter…wow!  Again, I feel like this should have been the focus of the episode.  I am literally buzzing with even more questions before.  Who collected Talia’s claws?  How did they know the claws were Talia’s?  Why were they hidden in that tube buried in mountain ash?  What questions did Derek have and what were the answers?  Whatever they were, it seemed pretty obvious they had something to do with Peter if that look Derek gave him is anything to go by.  Peter seemed pretty certain Talia would have something to say about him.  I wonder if we will get some answers to the questions raised in the Hale flashback episode in 3A regarding Paige.  I do believe that Peter was distorting the story to serve his own interests, so I’d like to know what those interests are and what Peter is hiding.  I hope that in next week’s episode, we get more than just snap shots of Derek and Peter, but I won’t hold my breath.  And where are they?  Are they even in America?  It doesn’t feel like it, and it makes me curious as to what is going to bring the Hale men back to Beacon Hills.  I have more questions than answers about these two, and it’s driving me crazy!

1005929_735244853154405_70112397_nPlease tell me I’m not the only person who finds Kira’s dad completely adorable!  With each new scene we get with him, I can’t help but giggle and love him even more than before.  Rock on to him taking his wife’s last name!  And even though the scene felt off, given the switching back and forth of tone in the episode, I thought the dinner was really sweet and had some moments that made me laugh.  Scott and that wasabi was freaking hilarious!  Props to Tyler Posey and his facial expressions…they never cease to get a giggle out of me.  Another moment that had me laughing my ass off was when Chris Argent walked in on Allison and Isaac!  “Allison, may I see you in my office…where I keep my guns?”  “ANOTHER WEREWOLF?!”  I am a huge fan of protective parents, and that bit had me giggling my “aww”.  I really liked the light-hearted moments of this episode like pranking Coach Finstock or the “I’m the hot girl” bit, which seemed to be made awkward when they kept going back to the dark Barrow storyline.  I can’t help but think there could have been another way to introduce Kira’s “otherness” than this.  That way, the scene at the end with Isaac being attacked would have been a real punch in the gut for me.  Speaking of Isaac, he irritated me much less in this week’s episode by voicing my opinions in regards to the twins.  I’m glad they have Scott and the others not trusting them, and I’m interested to see how Davis has them get into Scott’s good graces.  I trust Ethan more than I do Aiden, but that’s just because Ethan seems to be the only one to express any remorse over what he did.  Perhaps Aiden is in the constant mindset of “we do what needs to be done to survive”, but I guess I’m just hoping to see another side of him that will show me he’s not the same person that did horrible things to my pack last season.

So those are my thoughts on “Galvanize”.  It was a pretty decent episode, but with so much going on and its constant changes in tone, I felt like it was a bit jumbled.  But as always, I am looking forward to next week’s episode where we will catch more glimpses of this season’s major baddies and hopefully some explanations on certain characters.  What did you think of the episode?  Comment below and thank you for reading!

Author: Sarah Sue

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5 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 3×15 Review: Galvanize

  1. It felt like a Monster-of-the-week episode to me, which is fine with most shows but this show has such a heavy plot for 3B that I don’t feel like they had time to really waste on the Barrow plot. They could have cut that entirely and still had a really full episode.

    -Admin Angel

    1. Exactly! Derek and Peter should have been the focus in this episode, and if not the focus, then had a much larger role. I feel like Barrow was just a plot device to show that there’s something different about Kira. That and to give Scott’s dad something to do in Beacon Hills besides trying to get Papa Stilinski fired.

      Peace, Love, and Happiness to You…Sarah

  2. Okay i didnot get Kira’s powers….is she the kitsune? can they even absorb electricity? First Malia and now Kira….it looks like different plot devices just to fill the show until what Derek and Peter are up to is revealed. For me TW doesn’t work as a ‘monster of a week’ show. There’s still so much regarding the plot we don’t know so why bother putting in different things only to give glimpses of what’s occurring in the ‘major’ plot. Keep it simple Jeff, keep it simple. As far as i know viewers watch the show for the ‘characters’ not for ‘what will they fight with this week’ and more new characters and more plots. 3A was a mess and 3B better clean things up and soon (which i doubt will happen cos apparently 3B is going to end with a cliffhanger). So, yeah TW needs to decide where it’s ‘focus’ needs to be.

    1. Yeah, this show does not work in that format. This season looks to be just as plot heavy as the last, and that bums me out. I’m really hoping that isn’t the case. Everything is so busy and confusing, it’s really hard to decipher what the “major plot” even is! The electricity thing really threw me for a loop. Yes, it looked cool, but what does it mean?

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