The Hales, The La Loba and The Kitsune: Teen Wolf 3B Predictions


Teen Wolf 3B premiered on 6th January, 2014, and in true Jeff Davis fashion it came with a whole new mystery. We knew about the obstacles Scott, Allison, and Stiles would be facing. However, it was Derek’s journey that was kept a secret. Even three episodes in, all fans can do is guess what Derek and Peter are really up to. From what was shown in the second half of season three I have tried to make some predictions regarding the two Hales and where the storyline will go.

La Loba

1618419_223549287828880_1788826263_nIt was only natural for the fans to be curious regarding the La Loba when it was mentioned in episode 3×14. Through some research (thank you World Wide Web!) I was able to gather a lot of data. One of the interesting things I found was a tumblr post. It mentioned the La Loba as an old woman who collects and preserves things that are in danger of being lost. Wolves are her specialty. She also has the power to bring a wolf back to life by assembling a skeleton and singing to it. Not only that, when the wolf comes back to life, it runs way, howling, and transforms into a woman. Interesting stuff! Leave it to Jeff to really dive into ancient lore and present it to a modern audience.

So, how does the La Loba connect to the Hale storyline? I mean, the term must have a reason to be mentioned in the show, right? My guess is as good as the next person but here’s what I think:

There’s no denying Derek and Peter are on a dangerous mission. Episode 3×14 showed Derek obtaining a wooden container with the Triskelion on it. In episode 3×15 it was revealed the container had the nails of Talia Hale, the only thing left after the fire. Who collected them, etc. is up in the air. As far as the La Loba is concerned:

  1. She could be the one who collected the nails after the fire and someone stole them from her.
  2. She could be evil (a more modern kind of La Loba) or neutral and just likes to collect things, and Derek stole the nails from her.
  3. Derek is hoping to find her and possibly bring back the Hales? That would explain the hands coming out in the 3A opening sequence because we haven’t seen anything that directly connects to such a scene in those episodes.

Talia Hale

In 3×15, Derek, with Peter’s help, was able to connect with his dead mother and ask her questions. Talia 1526257_223549404495535_308251481_nHale, from what has been shown, was a very powerful alpha. So, of course, she would know a lot that occurred in Beacon Hills during her time, especially about the Nematon. When Derek meets her we also see the cut-down Nematon. I have a feeling Derek is really trying to help the Golden Trio and find out more about the Nematon’s power. I do hope we get to know more about Paige because of this. Peter is worried, and he should be. Talia would know a lot about him. I’m looking forward to what Talia told her son. It’s very likely Derek is trying to obtain as much information as possible regarding the Nematon and he will be back knowing how to the save the Golden Trio. It’s interesting how the Nematon showed up in Stiles’s dream (the only one from the Golden Trio) and when Derek met his mother. This can be foreshadowing something important regarding both characters (did I just hear some Sterek shippers yell in joy?). So, yes, whatever Derek is doing is ultimately going to lead him to Beacon Hills in order to save the teenagers and ward off a dangerous threat.

The Yukimura Family

994731_223549501162192_1171041672_nGiven that we are watching Teen Wolf, it’s really hard to trust new characters. The Yukimura’s coming to Beacon Hills just doesn’t feel right to me. Kira is ‘special’, as shown in 3×15, and her mother said her family having ties with the land. It could be the Nematon that summoned her mother there or possibly some other member of the family who might not have good intentions who her mother wants to stop. As far as this new family is concerned, it’s guaranteed there’s something not right with them. The Kitsune is known for its deception. For all we know, Kira and her family coming across all loveable and friendly can be a huge deception.

That’s all from my side, for now. I have a feeling Derek will return to save the teenagers, or have knowledge that will help them fight with the threat. I hope Kira doesn’t turn out to be an evil ancient being (kitsunes are able to have a human form and live long lives) that has something sinister planned. But with the way things are going and the fact that Kira is part of the ‘main’ cast, her being evil is a likely possibility.

What are your predictions for the season? Please share in the comments!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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7 thoughts on “The Hales, The La Loba and The Kitsune: Teen Wolf 3B Predictions

  1. In regards to the Yukimuras, Jeff Davis has set up matriarchal systems of power within the show, so maybe Mrs. Yukimura knows more than she’s telling and Mr. Yukimura doesn’t have a clue. Her facial expressions were very telling, as she seemed less than enthusiastic at the budding romance between her daughter and Scott.

    1. Yes, Kira’s mother didn’t not pleased with the development. I think she knows Scott is a werewolf, or maybe ‘different’ and doesn’t want Kira to get involved in all that. There has to be a reason the family came to BH.

  2. in theory and looking up information could kira be the daughter to a kitsune then presuming her mother is the kitsune which then would me she aquires powers from her mother never the less being why her powers, fox cloaking and electrical powers shows up at a later stage in her life. which if she were herself the kitsune living a hundred plus years as a fox should we atleast recall some memory and not be a suprise as to why she doesnt know what she is. yet beating this she could just be playing dumb and be evil.

  3. I have a feeling that Derek’s mom told him that one of his brother’s survived the fire. Peter knew about it. What if someone carried a baby out of the burning house and gave it to a local to protect (Melissa & her Husband). What if Scott was that baby and that’s the reason why Peter chose/bit him in season 1. My reasoning for this is because for some reason from the very beginning Derek seemed to instinctively need to protect Scott (e.g. letting himself be captured by the Argents so Scott could get away, taking multiple arrows to protect Scott or stopping Scott from attacking the girl he loved i.e. Allison in the car with Jackson). Then I remembered that Cora in season 2 or early season 3 said that she came back because she’d heard that one of the Hales was building a pack.
    Finally Scott’s mom and ex-husband seem to have a secret they are keeping but more importantly in episode 3×17
    Derek pointed out that the twins may be willing fight and kill for Scott but they are not willing to die for him hinting that Derek was/ is willing to die to protect Scott…. That line alone made me question why, what has changed Derek to foster this new level of loyalty?

    1. What kind of an ‘Alpha’ worth his salt needs anyone to protect them? This was Jeff’s way of warning fans that he dislikes the Derek Hale character and he’s going to kill him off saving a pathetic Alpha.

  4. It’s VERY likely Derek is set on a path of redemption and we know Jeff Davis has cribbed a great deal off Buffy The Vampire Slayer as regards setting up the shakers and movers is concerned. It has been widely reported that Jeff has no love for the Derek Hale character and what better way to ‘send him off’ than in a blaze of glory like Spike in BTVS. It’s very doubtful Derek will survive season 3B, Perhaps he’ll die saving Stiles. However I will be done with this show along with a lot of other fans who will vote with their feet. Not even our beloved Stiles will save it without Derek.

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